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I went to watch Guys & Dolls on the 16th March - we went into the show a bit blind as neither of us knew what it was really about but decided to book tickets anyway.

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The photos included here are from the Guys & Dolls website but it's of the London show not the tour because i really struggled to find any of the tour. It was then that i realised that it was the very first show of the tour which might be why they don't have any.

Amongst the cast was the likes of Max Caulfield (Grease 2) and Richard Fleeshman (Coronation Street) both of whom were brilliant. I was particular fond of Richard Fleeshman, i loved him back in the day and he's just as handsome as ever. Not to mention, he has a really nice singing voice. The storyline of Guys & Dolls didn't blow me away, but it was a great show regardless. The cast was really talented and it's very lively and had a great atmosphere.

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I went for my usual jeans and blouse attire, but this time i actually curled my hair and clipped it up using a banana slide to give it a relaxed pony up-do style - not that the photo really lets you see this. My make up was also kept very simple, its pretty the same as how i always do it but i paired it with the Soap & Glory Matte Lip Stick in Chocoberry.

It was my favourite show but it was enjoyable anyways and well worth a watch if you are a theatre fan.
Natalie xx

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