Monthly Favourites & Goals | April

Monthly Favourites & Goals | April

It's kind of scary to think that we are a third of the way through the year already. April has been quite a bittersweet month for me, it's been filled with so many lovely moments and so many unfair ones too. I don't have all that many favourites this month because I've been sticking to a lot of the same product but there has been a few stand out items and moments that i want to share.

Monthly Favourites & Goals | April

H&M Brow Gel
This is just a bog standard clear brow gel, i picked it up from H&M on a bit of a whim but i actually really like it - I just use it to neaten up my brows and set them in place. I use it on its own as well as after filling them in. It's just a really good cheap and cheerful product and I've really been enjoying using it.

Barry M Hi Shine Gel Nail Paint in Almond
I posted about this nail polish quite recently so i won't go into too much detail about it but I'm loving wearing it. It's the perfect nude nail polish, I'm really fussy with nude nails, i always find they're either too white or too beige but this is the perfect grey toned nude and i love how simple yet sophisticated it is.

Essence Velvet Stick in Peony Star
I read a review on these by another blogger, i can't remember who it was but i really liked the look of this colour and this was also their favourite one too. So i decided to have a little look and a swatch when i next got to a Essence stand and i love this shade. It's a deep mauve pink shade; it has a matte finish but it's not an overly bold colour, it just gives your make up a little something. The staying power is pretty rubbish but for £2 i really like the colour and I've been wearing a lot as my every day lip.

Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit
I bought this sometime last year when i went on holiday and i loved it but since buying more contouring products it made its way into my drawer until recently, i had a little bit of a switch up between my products and i decided to use this again. I'm still loving cream contouring and i use this on top of those to build up the contour and to help set it but i also really like to wear this alone on a daily basis for a bit of definition. It comes with a contour, bronze and highlighter so you have everything in one kit. I really like it and I'm glad I've rediscovered it again.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Me and the girls had a little day trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach at the start of the month, i really like rollercoasters -i do have my limits with some but generally i enjoy them, so it was a lot of fun going on all the rides and we picked a pretty good day weather wise as it only started rained towards the end of the day. It was a lot of fun and i really like the Pleasure Beach too.

Eyebrow & Upper Lip Wax
I decided to go and properly get rid of my upper lip hair (yes, i have a moustache) as i was sick of trying different hair removers and bleaching it and oh my god, I'm so glad i did it. I'm no longer paranoid about my upper lip and my foundation applies so smoothly. Whilst i was there i also had my eyebrows shaped - i have quite thick and full eyebrows which i love but I'm so lazy with them so it was about time i had them shaped properly and they look so much better, not to mention filling them in is so much easier too.

My Birthday
I turned 25 this month, now i struggle with birthdays because getting old really freaks me out but this year i got to spend it with so many friends and it was such a wonderful couple of days. I did get ridiculous drunk, i cried a lot and i spent the whole of Sunday in bed recovering but it was a lot of fun and i feel truly lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

Baby Oliver-James
I have mentioned in previous posts that my friend was expecting a baby boy and he finally came into the world this month on the 17th. I'm so over the moon and so proud and happy for my friend - he's so beautiful and I'm rather enjoying getting lots of baby snuggles.

Goals for May:
1. Cross at least one thing off my 26 Before 26.
2. Try and stay 1-2 weeks ahead of blog schedule.
3. Post more on instagram (last month was a fail)

What have you been loving this month?
Natalie xx


  1. I love that Barry M nail polish too - the colour is gorgeous! Hope you had a lovely birthday x

    1. It's so good isnt it? I did, thank you :)
      Natalie xx

  2. I really can't believe it will be May tomorrow, so crazy! Glad to hear you had a fun birthday, mine is coming up in May and the thought of turning even 22 terrifies me 🙊 I definitely need to post more on Instagram too, letting my feed down big time at the mo!

    Alice ♡ // beautybyalicee

    1. Aw, its crazy isnt it? Happy Birthday Month :D
      Natalie xx


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