What I Use to Bullet Journal

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I hope you don't mind all these Bullet Journal related posts that I'm doing, it's just something that I'm really enjoying at the moment and i really want to blog about it and share it with you. This post is all about the stuff i use to do my bullet journal, from the notebook itself to the variety of pens i like to use.

Please note this is not me telling you what you do and don't need, this it just what i personally like to use.

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For my Bullet Journal itself; i use a Squared Moleskin, it cost me £14.50 from Rymans which isn't cheap but i wanted to get a nice notebook to use for my bullet journal as i think it helps me want to do it more. Moleskins are very popular for Bullet Journals as are Leuchtturm notebooks but to be honest, you can use any notebook you want - it doesn't have to be expensive or gridded or dotted, a bullet journal is what you make it to be.

Personally, i really like using my Moleskin and if you do want something a little more expensive i would recommend these. Mine is A5, it's big enough to fit what i need into it but it's small enough to carry around with me and i love the gridded pages because i find them really helpful when it comes to drawing out my layouts.

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The pens i use the most are these Magik Girl Uni Ball Pens; i bought mine from The Works, they're 2 for £1 and i bought every colour they had. They're also erasable which is really handy if you are a messy like me because you can rub it out. The eraser isn't amazing but it works for any small errors you make. I use the black the most as that's the main pen i used for my entire journal but they're all really good, it's such an easy way to add colour to my pages and they don't bleed through.

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I have a lot of other basics that i use when journalling like a simple pencil, ruler and eraser. I use my Luxor Highlighters (The Works) a lot too, these come in a pack of 5 for £1, I use highlighters a lot anyway for blog planning and i find myself using them a lot in my bullet journal too.  The little Embroidery Scissors (The Works) are technically for sewing but they're a really handy little size so i've been using them from trimming my washi tape.

I also use the Scribblicious Fine Liner Pens (The Works) - you get 36 pens for £6 and they're really great to decorate the pages with. The only thing i don't like about them is that you need to be as light handed as possible because if you press too hard it does go through the pages so i only use these for little things.

By the way, the vast majority of things mentioned in this post are from The Works but it's not sponsored - i bought everything with my own money, i just really like the shop and i also work there.

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I love using washi tape in my Bullet Journal - i had quite a little collection going before i even started mine but this just gives me the perfect excuse to buy more. Its the perfect way to decorate your pages and to inject colour without having to try too hard. I buy my washi tape from various places like The Works, Wilkos but mostly from Ebay because you can buy it in bulk for quite cheap as long as you don't mind being sent random designs - which is why i have some duplicates.

I also have this Sticky Notes Booklet (The Works), i don't think this is essential but i find it really handy to jot down things on these and i have a page in my bullet journal that i stick these on so i can put anything i need to remember on here. It's almost like my version of a future log.

I have been picking up a few more things and i have a lot more washi tape on the way - i might do a haul of some kind when i have everything. As i said earlier, you don't need all this stuff these are just what i personally like to use.

What do you like to use to Bullet Journal?
Natalie xx


  1. I love The Works, they always have such random stuff at great prices! :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours


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