Current Spring Lip Picks

Current Spring Lip Picks

As we venture into a new season, i always try to switch up my make up to suit the season. I've adored wearing my bold berry and plum lips and whilst im struggling with the thought of saying goodbye, im also excited to bring out my pinks and corals and all those beautiful spring shades, so i thought i'd share with you my current spring lip picks.

Current Spring Lip Picks

Current Spring Lip Picks

Current Spring Lip Picks
Protecting Peach | Boheme | Blush Essence | 803 Pink Flamingo | Cotton Candy

Avon Tinted Lip Balm in Protecting Peach
This is a new addition to my collection and i love it. It's a beautiful peachy orange shade but because it's a tinted lip balm, it's really soft and subtle. It's just adds a lovely bit of colour to the lips and because it's a lip balm, it's really moisturising and hydrating and feels so lovely on the lips. I've worn this a lot already and i know, it's going to be a firm favourite over Spring/Summer.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boheme
Ah, my one and only Chanel Lipstick - this is beautiful and the packaging is so luxurious. In terms of formula this is actually quite similar to the Avon Lip Balm, it's very moisturising on the lips - it's almost like a lip butter. It has a sheer finish which i really like, i don't always like to wear heavy make up especially on warmer days so lip products like this are perfect because they are light but still give you that pop of colour that requires minimal maintenance.

Maybelline Colour Elixir in Blush Essence
This was a firm favourite of mine last Spring/Summer - it's such a beautiful nude pink shade, it's so easy to wear and it's such a lovely everyday colour. These are supposed to be liquid lipsticks but the formula is closer to a lip gloss except with better pigmentation. They're so easy to wear and have a really lovely glossy finish too.

Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick in 803 Pink Flamingo
I've had this lipstick for a while now and i still love it. It has a very similar formula to that of a lip butter - which as you can probably tell by now, are my favourite. They're just so hydrating and moisturising on the lips and the sheer finish is just so easy to wear. This is another nude pink shade but it's quite versatile because as well as being the perfect everyday lip, it's one of those shades that really compliments a bold eye too. I think this shade is a good dupe for Mac's Creme Cup lipstick.

Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream in Cotton Candy
It's really creamy and sits really nicely on the lips too. This is a lovely summery pink shade and the name cotton candy sums it up perfectly. It's so wearable but still manages to brighten up your make up.

What are you favourite spring lip products?
Natalie xx


  1. lovely selection! I am loving the Chanel in Boheme ;)


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