Acne Ultra Clear

Acne Ultra Clear

I have some blogger guilt that i feel i need to admit before i write this post. I don't actually have acne; when i saw the email offering me the Acne Ultra Clear Face Cream* i thought my sister might really appreciate it because she does and it sounded really good so i agreed to testing it out. I didn't tell my sister about it until it came (thought it'd be a nice little surprise) but she's really fussy with what she puts on her skin and didn't want to mess with the products she was already using.

This is entirely my own fault and i should have asked her first because I'm going to be unable to give you an accurate review in terms of how it works with acne but i have been trying it out myself on my own little breakouts.

Acne Ultra Clear

Acne Ultra Clear

I was actually a bit worried about using it on my skin because of it being designed for people with acne and i didn't know if it was going to mess with my skin so i did a little bit of reading and read some other reviews on it and I've actually discovered that even though it's an acne cream, it's also a spot treatment so it doesn't necessarily have to be used just for acne.

I get quite a lot of blemishes on my chin, i don't know why but they seem to enjoy taking resident on there quite frequently and some of them can be really sore especially the ones that erupt from under the skin. It is actually a face cream that you apply both can day and night but it recommends only applying to the affected areas, so i apply it mostly to my chin and so far I'm quite liking it.

It doesn't get rid of blemishes completely but i feel like it's improved the process of them quite a lot, if that makes sense. It's soothing to apply on the spot and it seems to help with scarring too. Sometimes when i have a spot, especially if its a stubborn one it can leave a mark behind and it's not very nice but i do feel like this is improving the appearance of them and it's leaving my skin feeling quite smooth. I would actually love to see how this works with someone who does suffer from acne.

It's a completely natural skin product, so if you are someone who is very particular about the ingredients this might be worth looking into. It contains things like coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax etc... so it's all natural and organic ingredients with moisturising properties that help to hydrate and heal. The website has more information about what's in it and all the different qualities that they contribute.

This not the cheapest product, it retails for £16.99 on Amazon and you can also claim 10% off if you use this link here (I don't get any form of payment if you use this link, they have just very kindly provided a discount coupon for my readers)

I do feel like it makes a difference to my spotty areas, as mentioned above i don't know the full results of how it works with acne but with the results I've seen, i definitely think it would make a difference.

What spot treatments do you like to use?
Natalie xx
*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. My favourite thing about this is the smell, I love it! I've nearly finished my jar now and I'm seriously considering repurchasing it just for that haha :)
    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. I can't say im a massive fan of the scent haha
      Natalie xx


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