2016 New Year and Blogging Goals Update

2016 New Year and Blogging Goals Update

At the start of the year i set myself some personal goals for 2016, along with some goals for my blog. Since we are almost half way through the year, i thought I'd do a little update and see how I'm getting on.

Personal Goals

1. Try More Food
I've definitely tried a lot more food this year, mostly since starting Slimming World. I've been cooking a lot more recipes from scratch ands trying meals that I've not tried before.

2. Be More Creative
I really wanted to get a bit more crafty this year and I've definitely not done that. I've learnt how to crochet and made a blanket but I've definitely not completed as many sewing projects as i was hoping too, so i definitely need to work on that.

3. Thrift More
This has been a massive fail - I've just not made the time to go in charity shops and I've barely been the car boot sale too as i work every other Sunday and then the Sundays i am off, i tend to go out the night before so I'm always a little too worse for wear come Sunday morning. I really miss going the Car Boot Sale though so i need to make more of an effort.

4. Reading Challenge (26, 1 a fortnight)
This is both a win and a fail. I've continued reading this year but I've not been consistent with reading a book a fortnight and I'm behind schedule with my reading challenge but I'm hoping to complete the 26 books before the end of 2016 anyways.

5. Take More Photos
I've definitely been taking more photos than i used to but there are still occasions when i wish I'd have taken more so this is something i still need to work on.

6. Keep Scrapbooking
Major fail. I've not updated my scrapbook at all this year which is making it even more daunting to catch up with it all. I hope to get round to it before the year is out as it's something i do want to keep doing so i need to dedicate some time and get it all updated.

7. Make Time to Relax
I definitely make more of an effort when it comes to relaxing. Not always but i have been turning my laptop off earlier, instead of being up all hours. I've also made an effort to have more earlier nights, this doesn't happen a lot but i try not to stay up til silly o'clock in the morning especially if i know I've got to be up early.

8. Go Back to College
So far, this is a no go. I'm still not fully sure about what i want to study and I'm pretty sure I'll have missed the application/enrolment period to get on a course for September so this might be something to achieve next year but I'm definitely gonna look into sorting out my application early and on time.

2016 New Year and Blogging Goals Update


1. Hit 1000 Followers on Bloglovin'
It's definitely been a slow process for my growth in followers but i was really happy to hit 1000 followers in February and I'm so grateful.

2. Change Blog Layout
I've actually changed my layout twice; i really liked the first one but i just felt like it was practical or easy to navigate so i changed it and I'm currently really happy with this layout, it's so simple and clean.

3. Find a Blog Schedule that Works for Me
I'm still working on this one, I've tried posting every other day and at first it was a bit too much, so i changed it to every third day which was great but i felt like i wanted to get more posts up. I'm back to every other day for now and I'm finding it a lot better this time round, especially because i try and keep some posts scheduled a head of time which really helps.

How are your 2016 goals coming along?
Natalie xx


  1. I tried and failed at scrapbooking like you said! I literally did one page and that was it, haha! But instead I created a memory box where I've basically put loads of objects with meanings behind them into a box (duh, hahah). It's so fun to look through and even though it's only half way through the year I already have 2 boxes full of things, you should try it!
    Cloe X http://clxelouise.blogspot.com

    1. I used to have a memory box but it was taking up a lot of space so i compiled most of it into the scrapbook but i've just been terrible at keep it updated!
      Natalie xx


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