Ben Nye Banana Powder

Ben Nye Banana Powder

I've been wanting to try Ben Nye Banana Powder for ages but i personally always found it to be quite expensive and because it wasn't a nessacity, it wasn't a purchase i could really justify. Up until recently when i found it on Ebay for half the price and from an UK Seller too, so i decided to give it a try.

Ben Nye Banana Powder

I've been curious about the Banana Powder for a very long time; it's one of those products that's been on my wishlist for ages but not something i ever really commited to buying. I was recently watching some youtube videos where they were 'baking' their make up and they were using the Ben Nye Banana Powder which is mostly the reason behind this purchase.

Ben Nye has a collection of luxury powders, including this Banana Powder. Banana is in reference to it's shade, it seems quite bizarre to have a shade that's practically yellow but it helps to colour correct the skin and brighten up the dull tones.  The powder itself is a loose finely milled powder that helps mattify the skin. To me,  it's feels exactly like talc powder does.

I have a very love/hate relationship with this powder - it's great at colour correcting and it works amazing at brightening up the skin - it works all over the face, as well as brightening and correcting under the eye. Thanks to it's talc like consistency it absorbs oil, leaving your skin matte and any shine removed, whilst is it very thin and light powder you do have to be careful with layering as too much will you leave you looking caked in make up. On a whole, i really love this powder - it leaves the skin so radiant and i feel like it gives a bright and flawless finish to the skin.

The downside? It's so bloody messy. I removed the little cap/filter thing - i don't know what it's called because it was really difficult to get at the product and it's made it much more accessible but this is one of those powders that ends up everywhere. So for that reason, i mostly save this for special occasions when i really want to make an effort with my make up.

I've been using this for 'baking my face', this is a new technique that people are doing to get that really bright under eye/cheekbone look. To give a brief overview of baking; you place a lot of the product to the part you want to bake, usually it's the cheekbones and under eyes and leave it quick thickly on the face for about 10-15mins to bake (or however long you wish), once that time has passed you simply brush off the excess and it leaves you with a really bright/highlighted under eye.

I'm still a complete novice when it comes to baking and i don't think i ever leave it on long enough but even with something as little as 5mins, i can see a difference. For the record; you can use any loose powder to bake, Ben Nye's just seem to be a popular option.

I really do like this using this powder, it's not an everyday make up staple but for the occasions when i really want to go all out with a full face of make up  - this is perfect for giving you that extra wow factor. Would i pay the full retail price for it? I don't know, i feel like this is one of those products those products that, it's great to have it but it's not a make up bag essential.

Have you tried 'Baking' your face?
Natalie xx


  1. I've always wanted to try this powder and had the same price concern! With messy powders I always buy little plastic containers to pop them in instead of the packaging, it's a lot easier!

    Jen /


    1. Ooh i may have to do that because i love this, but the mess is ridiculous haha!
      Natalie xx


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