Ebay Haul #3 | Beauty, Jewellery, Accessories & More

Ebay Haul #3 | Beauty, Jewellery, Accessories & More

I have another Ebay haul for you today. I did mention in my last one (here) that i was waiting on some more things and some of those have arrived, so i thought I'd share them with you.

Ebay Haul #3 | Beauty, Jewellery, Accessories & More

Multi Purpose Liquid Brush | 65p
I'm not so sure what this brush is going to be like but i was very curious about it. It has like a dip in the top where you place the liquid product and then you buff that into which ever part you're applying it too. The brush itself feel really soft so i feel like this might be quite good, but we shall see.

Lady Black Professional Tapered Highlighter Brush | 55p
I really like the shape of this and although this is a 'highlighter' brush, i feel like this would be good for contour too because it's tapered and it's quite small so you can get a really good controlled application.

Beauty Blender | 16p
I always get my Beauty Blenders off Ebay because they are so cheap and work just as good. My previous one has gotten really filthy and i find these difficult to clean so it's just easier to replace frequently.

Ebay Haul #3 | Beauty, Jewellery, Accessories & More

Qibest Liquid Lipstick | £1
I searched for this straight after seeing an Ebay Haul Video and i thought it was such a gorgeous colour. I still love the shade (No. 18 - a deep mauve-y pink) but I'm a little scared to wear it because when i swatched it on my hand it stained it. It was quite difficult to remove so I'm a bit weary as to what it's going to be like on my lips.

Matte Velvet Liquid Lipstick | 75p
The photo for this is rather misleading and this definitely wasn't what i was expecting both in packaging and in shade. It's still a really beautiful colour thought - it's almost like a coral/pink shade. I've heard a few of mixed reviews on these so I'm curious to see what i think of it.

Ebay Haul #3 | Beauty, Jewellery, Accessories & More

Long Pendant | 25p
I wanted some long necklaces to pair with my blouses, as a lot of the necklaces i own are quite short and you can't really see them, so i got this one which has a long bar at the end of it. I really like the length of this and think it'll look really nice paired with my blouses because it's quite subtle but adds a little something.

Heart Anklet | 65p
I very rarely wear anklet bracelets but i thought it would be really nice in the summer time paired with some sandals.

Long Triangle Pendant | 16p
Similar to the other long pendant, i also got this long dual triangle style necklace, it's really nice length and i like the how the triangles connect the chains.

Ebay Haul #3 | Beauty, Jewellery, Accessories & More

Star Earrings | 55p
I'm always a bit weary of getting earrings off Ebay especially after the ones i bought in my last haul. I thought these were really cute and for 55p it's not a big loss if i don't end up wearing them. I did expect these to be a little bigger but they're still cute all the same.

Dream Catcher Rings | £1
I really like dream catchers so when i saw these i just couldn't resist them. You get both a silver and a gold ring, and i really like how the feathers dangle on them. You can tell that they're cheap junk jewellery but i really like these all the same and they're different from any other rings i have in my collection.

Gem Earrings | Free
I'm really baffled as to where these earrings have come from. When i opened the package i didn't remember ordering them, i checked through my Ebay purchase history and they're not there either so i don't understand why I've got them. They're really nice though, i don't really wear dangly style earrings but these are really subtle and i think they'll look really good when i wear my hair up. So thanks to whichever seller sent me these, whether it was intentional or not.

Ebay Haul #3 | Beauty, Jewellery, Accessories & More

Polka Dot Wire Headband
I love hairbands like this, i think they're really lovely with hair up do's to give that 1950's style look to them. This is a wire headband, so it's easier to mould it into whatever style you want it and the ends of this come to together to make a really cute bow. I think this will be really lovely to wear during the summer with a red lip.

Heart Iphone 5s Phone Case |
I'm really fickle when it comes to my phone cases and i get bored of them constantly so i like to get mine off Ebay because they're cheap and cheerful and I'm not losing much if i don't use one for too long.

Scarf | £1.20
This is a really lovely tribal/aztec style scarf and i know spring/summer isn't really a time to wear scarfs but with the british weather sometimes this might be nice to pair with a summer dress or a vest top and jeans because it's very light material. It's not as long as i was hoping it to be, but i still like it.

Ebay Haul #3 | Beauty, Jewellery, Accessories & More

White Lace Washi | 50p
I really like using these lace washi tapes, to layer over other washi, it looks really nice. I have a blue one coming too, but it's not arrived yet.

Heart Washi | 64p
I love buying washi (I'm sure you've noticed) and i just thought this was really cute!

8 Sheets Polaroid Stickers | 99p
I bought these to go with my bullet journal. They're very similar to the ones i got in my last Ebay haul, except you get 8 sheets and they have a matte finish.

There are still a few bits missing, from when i ordered all these so once i have every thing else i will do another haul, but I'm getting to impatient and i want to start using some of these so that's why I'll haul the rest on another post.

Have you bought anything from Ebay recently?
Natalie xx


  1. You got some brilliant bargains here!!!

    Em's Mixed Bag

  2. I haven't bought anything from EBay recently, I guess you could call me an eBay stalker because I love to see what others have bought 😀

    1. I love watching/reading Ebay hauls too - i love the seeing what people have found haha
      Natalie xx


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