Monthly Favourites | June

Monthly Favourites | June

It doesn't feel like five minutes since i was last typing up my May monthly favourites, it's scary how fast times going by. I don't have massive amount of beauty favourites this month; I've tried a few new items but I've not really switched up my routine massively so I'm just going to share the few things i have been loving this month.

Monthly Favourites | June

Mac Mehr Lipstick
This is a new addition to my collection and i am obsessed with it, I've been pairing it with Mac Soar Lipliner and i absolutely love it. It gives you that perfect 90s nude lip with a brown brick type shade, it's a matte lipstick which i don't normally go for but I've really been loving this combination. It's a lovely formula, so long lasting and I'm just obsessed with this combination.

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer
This is no stranger to my blog or my favourites and it's remained a staple in my collection ever since i got it but recently I've been loving using highlighter even more. It's such an easy way to brighten up your face and give you a lovely glow. I've also been using this all over my lids as a simple all over colour and it so lovely.

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil
I got this free with Elle Magazine and I've really grown to love it, it's one of those products that seems to get better and better everytime i use it. It's so easy to use and it only takes me a few minutes to fill my brows in, i like to keep mine fairly natural and this is great for achieving a full yet natural looking brow, but you could easily build it up to something a bit more intense.

Urban Decay Naked Palette
I always find myself going back to this beauty. This has been the only eyeshadow palette I've gone for this past month, everytime i go back it - i just fall back in love with it. They're such a lovely quality, great pigmentation and blend together so beautiful to create a wide variety of combinations. If i could only keep one of my eyeshadows palettes, I'd probably choose this one.

My friend taught me how to crochet at the start of this month and I've made a baby blanket (I'm going to do a full post on it) it's not perfect but for a first attempt, I'm rather proud of myself because it's actually turned out quite neat, I've used different colours and I've managed to do a scalloped edge. I found it so therapeutic and it's definitely something i want to continue to do.

Bloggers Do SW
If you are a Blogging doing Slimming World, you may be familiar with this facebook group already. If not, and you are a blogging doing SW,you should join it (here) - it's a really great little group. It's so supportive and it's really nice to get that little boost of confidence off each other. It's just generally a great place to turn too, when you need advice or just someone to help keep you on track. I've never been one to contribute to facebook groups but i feel so welcome in this one, and it's nice to have people compliment you're achievements and also to support others on theirs too.

One Stone Award
Speaking of Slimming World, i hit my one stone award this month - I'm so bloody proud of myself because losing weight isn't something that comes easily to me but i can feel a difference and i never thought I'd ever reach this kind of milestone especially within 6 weeks.

American Idiot
I went to see American Idiot at the theatre recently and i really enjoyed it. The storyline was hard to keep up with but the soundtrack was incredible. Newton Faulkner was one of the main cast and he was absolutely brilliant, his voice literally gave me chills.

Newton Faulkner Liked My Tweet
Speaking of Newton Faulkner, after the show i put a little tweet out and tagged him in and he liked my tweet. I had a major fangirl moment.

Wedding Party
Two of my beautiful friends got married last month away in Cyprus and because it was a small family affair they hosted a party this month for all of the people, myself included who wasn't there for the ceremony and it was such a lovely party. They make such a gorgeous couple and I'm genuinely so happy for them. It was a really lovely evening and it was so nice to get all dolled up and spend the evening was all my amazing friends and dance the night away - which i did, my legs were killing me the next day.

Those are my monthly favourites for the month of June, I'm thinking about switching up the way i do these posts next month - I'm going to have a brainstorm and see what i can do to spruce them up a little.
What have you been loving this month?
Natalie xx


  1. great post! I am obsessed with the UD naked palette!

    1. Thank you! Me too, i always go back to it!
      Natalie xx

  2. Thanks so much for the Slimming World blog recommendation, I'm planning on starting it this month, so any help I can get will be fab! So thanks hun. Also, I know what you mean when a celeb likes your tweet. I replied to JoJo on twitter and she liked my tweet....fangirl moment, I've been a fan since I was about 10, ha!

    Laura x |

    1. Aw, you're welcome! I've found the group really helpful and it's so nice to have that extra bit of support!
      It's exciting isnt it, when they like your tweet haha!
      Natalie xx


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