Slimming World #1 | Making a Change

Slimming World #1 | Making a Change

I've never been happy with my weight, I've always been a bit on the heavier side but these past few years I've piled it on, more than i care to admit. I can't blame anyone for this but myself, I'm a bit of a comfort eater and I've always turned to food to make myself feel better - whether I've had a bad day, I'm sad, I'm ill, to celebrate or just out of boredom.

I've never had the willpower to diet and whenever I've tried, I'd be back to snacking before the day was even out. I've thought about joining Slimming World a lot but I've never been brave enough to do it alone, so when my friend and her mum joined, they invited me to go with them and i decided it was now or never.

I've decided that each month I'm going to do a progress update here on my blog - I'm not going to be including photos of myself just because i am so not ready for that to share those yet and besides you probably can't see much of a difference yet.

Slimming World #1 | Making a Change

Slimming World #1 | Making a Change

I wrote a bit of a harsh posts including some of the personal reasons as to why i joined Slimming World, I felt that Slimming World was a good option for me because it's not just a diet , it's all about optimising your food and basically making a lifestyle change which as much as i hate to admit it, i was long overdue. I've seen so many success stories with Slimming World and even though i was convinced it wouldn't work for me - i have lost some weight, so i don't see why i can't be one of those stories too.

I've found the whole change is a bit of a shock to the system but it does work. The things I've struggled with the most is saying no to things like chocolate, crisps and pizza - I've cut down on the amount of crap i used to eat, massively and whilst it's definitely not easy I've already proved to myself that i can do it - i mean i went in Mcdonalds and ordered a salad (yes, a bloody salad!!) whilst everyone sat around me was chomping down on fries and burgers and all the stuff that I'd have preferred but i did it.

I do attend weekly weigh in sessions; which as much as I'd prefer not too, i find them really helpful - sometimes it's quite inspiring and i find it's one of the main things that keeps me motivated because whilst the consultant is lovely and doesn't make anyone feel bad if they've had a gain - the thought of stepping on those scales and having a gain really bothers me so i find that the fear helps keep me on plan for most of the time.

Also, in the first four weeks of joining SW they ask you to keep a food diary and I've found this so helpful that I've bought this little notebook so that i can continue to do it now that my first four weeks are up.  I'm definitely not a slimming world expert but I've been thinking about doing a post on some tips/ things that i personally find helpful, so if that's something you'd be interested in do let me know.

Slimming World #1 | Making a Change

Slimming World #1 | Making a Change

In my third week, i got my half stone award which is such a confidence boost and last week, i also got Slimmer of the Week which was very unexpected but it's makes you feel really good and it's so motivating because you know you're doing something right.

I'm not sure how these posts are going to play out each month but I'm thinking i might share each weeks weigh in result - i won't be posting my weight for now, just whether it's a loss, gain or maintain. I might also share any goals that I've had, my favourite meal I've had or made and just little things like that.

This Month's Weigh In results
Week 1: -5lbs
Week 2: -1lbs
Week 3: -2.5lbs (Got my 1/2 Stone Award)
Week 4: -2lbs (Slimmer of the Week)

Total: 10.5lbs

Favourite meal I've tried this month: Spicy Chicken Fried Rice (SW Style)
Least favourite: Chicken, Bacon and Garlic Pasta
Next recipe i want to try: Mushroom and Bacon Risotto
Goals for the next month: Reach 1 Stone Award.

I might try and include some photos of meals and that kind of things for next month because it'll get a bit boring if i use the same photos over and over. Let me know if you liked this kind of post and if you'd like to see a posts on what I've found helps me staying on plan.

Are you on Slimming World?
Natalie xx


  1. Congrats on the loss, lovely! That is a lot to have lost in a month!
    I've always wanted to join my local SW group but it's the fear of knowing people there and feeling 'shown up' to phrase it. I've never had to confidence to go, so congratulations, hun. Good luck on the rest of your SW journey :)

    Laura x |


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