Slimming World #2 | Snacks, Struggles and Slimmer of the Month

Slimming World #2 | Snacks, Struggles and Slimmer of the Month

When I first started Slimming World - I was on it and dedicated, so many people in my group have slips up and at first, I was so surprised how much some people seemed to struggle, until this month. I've not been horrifically off plan or ridiculously unhealthy but it's been a real struggle saying no and trying to resist sweets and snacks!

Slimming World #2 | Snacks, Struggles and Slimmer of the Month
Fruit & Tea | SW Pizza | Jacket Potato, Chicken & Veg | Subway Salad (Steak)
I've included a few photos of meals/snacks that I've had over the past month - all are SW friendly. I'm not someone who usually takes photos of there meals which is why I only have a few because I always forget until I'm half way through stuffing my face but I am thinking about doing a 'What I Eat in a Day' post - SW style of course, so let me know if you'd be interested in that!

Onto this months update...

I was home alone for two weeks whilst the rest of my family went on holiday and I thought I'd have breezed through it but I found myself wanting treats and I didn't have them around me to keep me on track - I didn't stray too badly but I did have a couple of naughty meals -McDonald's and takeaway pizza, I'd regret it but they were delicious!

Missing a Weigh In!

I also had to miss one of my weigh ins as I had tickets booked to see American Idiot so those two weeks were a bit wobbly! I still planned my meals out as much as possible but I felt that without that one weigh in, I could stray and had a few naughty meals and snacks! I don't regret them but I was definitely panicking when it was back to weigh in! It's surprising how much missing one weigh in can really throw you off!

I've some how managed to avoid any gains so far so I was really dreading weighing in and it being really bad but by some miracle i had another loss. My mum reckons it's my metabolism improving but I'm convinced I'm going to have a gain one week and it really bite my in the bum.

Slimming World #2 | Snacks, Struggles and Slimmer of the Month

Slimming World #2 | Snacks, Struggles and Slimmer of the Month

Slimming World #2 | Snacks, Struggles and Slimmer of the Month


On week six, I hit a new milestone and got my one stone award! It was totally unexpected and I can not believe that I managed to get there especially in just 6 weeks! That same week I got Slimmer of the Week, which again was a total shock but it's such an ego boost and really motivates you! At my last weigh in, i was awarded Slimmer of the Month and I'm so proud of myself. There is not a nicer feeling than to see that it's working, to see the scales are going down and you are really making a change! It makes those struggles worth it!

After the little struggles these past fee weeks, I'm now getting back on plan and i need to find a variety of SW friendly snacks that will beat my cravings but are very low syn or syn free - any suggestions please send them my way.

This Months Weigh In Results:
(8/6) Week 5: -1lbs
(15/6) Week 6: -2.5lbs (1 Stone Award & Slimmer of the Week)
(22/6) Week 7: Holiday booked
(29/6) Week 8: -2.5lbs (Slimmer of the Month

Total: 6lbs
Total Weight Loss So Far: 16.5lbs

Best SW Discovery This Month: Hi Fi Salted Caramel Bars! One count as HEXb or 7 syns for one, they are delicious and are perfect for when you feel like a naughty treat, without the guilty conscience!

Favourite Meal: Steak Stir Fry. All healthy and speed food, no syns except for the seasoning i used on the steak.

Least Favourite Meal: Sweet Potatoes and Veg, I didn't really plan this meal out so well so it was a last minute thrown together meal and I just didn't enjoy it and it didn't satisfy me at all.

Mini Achievements:
1. Fitting into a top that was pretty snug a few weeks previous.
2. My work pants are getting a little big for me.
3 Fitting into a skirt that is 2 sizes smaller than my normal size!

Goals for Next Month:
1. Try making risotto (didn't get round to it last month)
2. Lose another 1/2 Stone

Are you doing Slimming World?
Natalie xx


  1. I'm trying Slimming World at the mo. I've just started, I'm not attending groups or anything just looking online for aid. I just made the rice crispy chicken nuggets and they were yummy! I'd deffo recommend them :)

    Laura x |

    1. Aww good luck - i admire people doing it without the groupe, i wish i could because it gets costly but i'd stray far to much without the weigh in! Do you have the recipe?
      Natalie xx

  2. I don't do slimming world but I am glad you're well and have found this is working with you. It seems like you are the point you need to make the mental note this is a lifestyle choice. It will make things a lot more easier.


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