KISS Nails, Lashes & imPRESS Manicures

KISS Nails, Lashes & imPRESS Manicures

There is nothing i love more than to finish a full face of make up with some false lashes and a nice set of nails. I recently saw a tweet from KISS offering the opportunity to review some of their lashes, nails and imPRESS nails, so i decided to try my luck and a few weeks later a pretty impressive package landed on my door.

KISS Nails, Lashes & imPRESS Manicures

KISS Nails, Lashes & imPRESS Manicures
I don't wear false nails often because they always get battered in work so i try to save them for when i have a special occasion coming up and i want my nails to look tidy and pretty. I got sent three different sets of false nails; Kiss Perfect Natural Look Square Acrylic Nude French Nails* (kan03), Kiss Revolutionary Natural Nails Oval Acrylic Nude French Nails* (kan02) and Kiss Better Than Salon French Square Acrylic French Nails* (ksa02).

So far, I've only tried the Kiss Better Than Salon French Square Acrylic French Nails* (ksa02) and they're perfect. I did file the nails down a lot before applying them, just because i don't like them to be so long where i can't do anything - they were really easy to file down and thanks to the flexibility they applied really easy to the nails.

I did remove mine the day after just because i was in a hurry when i applied these and pushed them into my cuticle more than i should have so they were a little sore but that is my fault, not the nails. They did send me two sets of these nails, so i gave the other set to my mum as she too is a big fan of false nails and like myself she agreed that these were perfect and hasn't stopped mithering me to find out were stocks them so she can get more.

I haven't tried the other two nails yet but I'm looking forward to doing so and i expect these to be just as good.

KISS Nails, Lashes & imPRESS Manicures

KISS Nails, Lashes & imPRESS Manicures

I've always been very curious about imPRESS Manicure Nails* and I'd be lying if i said i didn't have very low expectations - i mean stick on nails, how good can they really be?

I received two sets; Bells and Whistles*, mint green nails with tribal design and Call My Agent*, a classic apple red nail. So far I've only used Bells and Whistles but they definitely proved me wrong and I'm so impressed - they fit the nails easy and comfortably, i didn't need to file them down either. They're so easy to apply; you simply remove the backing and press it down on your nail and voila. It does suggest to keep pressing down on the nails throughout the next hour just to make sure they really stick down.

I decided to wear these for my trip to Scotland and they lasted the entire time i was there, i only took them off at the end of my trip because i caught one on my suitcase and it lifted it up so i took the rest off but if that hadn't happened, i think i could have easily got a good few more days wear out of them.

They were so comfortable on the nails and surprisingly sturdy even through all the showering and washing my hands and i didn't feel like i had false nails on, they were really comfortable - the only thing that i didn't like about these nails was that the adhesive on the nails is quite thick so it leaves a gap in between the fake nail and your own nail - it's not the worst thing in the world and i can quite easily live with it, it's just a bit gross if you get something stuck behind your nail.

KISS Nails, Lashes & imPRESS Manicures

KISS Nails, Lashes & imPRESS Manicures

KISS Nails, Lashes & imPRESS Manicures

Now onto my favourite bit - the lashes, i adore false lashes and think they can make such a difference to your make up look. I received three different pairs; Kiss Looks So Natural Shy Lashes*, Kiss True Volume Natural Plump Posh Lashes* and Kiss Natural Flourish Blooming Lash Peony Lashes*.

I'm seriously excited to try out the Kiss Natural Flourish Blooming Lash Peony Lashes* because they are gorgeous, they're multi layer so it makes them much fuller looking and almost like they have a double layer so i can not wait to try these out and I'm really stoked because i stumbled across these in Superdrug too, so i know where i can get more!

Out of all these lashes, I've only tried the Kiss True Volume Natural Plump Posh Lashes* so far and these were really lovely - they fit my eyes perfectly so i didn't need to cut them down, i applied mine with Duo Lash Glue so i don't know what the lash glue that comes with them is like but these were pretty easy to apply, they stayed put all night and were really comfortable on the eyes. They're so thick and full, i felt really girly and pretty wearing these lashes. (Also, excuse the quality of the last photos - i took them on my Iphone)

I'm seriously impressed with everything that I've been sent and I'm so glad that I've seen some of the range in Superdrug because i will definitely be repurchasing some of these as well as trying some of the other products available. I don't know the prices off the top of my head but they're pretty reasonable.

What are you favourite false lash and nail brands?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

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