30 Things I Love About Autumn

30 Things I Love About Autumn
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1. Halloween
2. Crunchy Leaves - Yes, i still stomp through them like a child.
3. Woolly Hats
4. Cosy Nights In
5. Candles
6. The Colours
7. Bold Lips - Plums/Berries/Reds
8. Hot Chocolates
9. Blankets, Slippers and all the cosy layers
10. Dressing up for Halloween
11. The return of Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates
12. The start of Christmas Shopping
13. Comfort Food
14. Hocus Pocus
15. Crisp Autumn Days
16. Did i mention Halloween?
17. Warm Fires
18. Boots
19. Bonfire Night
20. Festive Flavours from Starbucks and Costa
21. ALL the TV Shows come back.
22. Lush's Halloween & Christmas range.
23. Dark Nights
24. Layers, Lots of Layers.
25. Those Cold Crisp Mornings - makes getting out of bed difficult, but i still love them.
26. Cosy Jumpers
27. The Build Up to Christmas.
28. Christmas Movies
29. My Knitted Scarf

What do you love about Autumn?

Natalie xx


  1. Ahh I love everything about this post, and agree with all of them! Especially candles, the colours and booties :) Great post!

    Gemma xxx
    www.gemsblogstorey.com xx

  2. I love Autumn. It's my fave. Deffo love all these things on your list although I've never seen Hocus Pocus *hangs head in shame*

    Laura x | https://goo.gl/8AH8fx


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