Blogger's Block, Pressure and Time for a Change

Blogger's Block, Pressure and Time for a Change

Recently, i've been struggling with a severe case of bloggers block. I've been blogging for a very long time and whilst i've had moments where i've lacked ideas and inspiration, i've never struggled with it this much.

I've had lots of ideas but i've found myself so unmotivated to post them - this post for instance, i must have stared at it for a few hours on a few seperate occasions and nothing has come out. Moments like this usually pass, but this time it's stuck around and it made me start to question whether it was a case of bloggers block or whether my blog had just ran it course and it was time to accept this era of my life is over.

Thankfully, i'm quite stubborn and i'm not quite ready to say goodbye to this chapter just yet. When i first started this blog, it was a hobby - something i did for fun, i posted as and when and it was so enjoyable. However, as time as passed by and the popularity and pressures of blogging increased - i took my blog a bit more serious, and for a while it proved worthwhile; my readership grew and so did some of the opportunities.

Now however, all i feel is pressure and it's constantly removing any pleasure i once got out of my online space. There are so many incredible bloggers out there and some who are doing so well but i feel like nowadays, blogging has just become a constant competition and there's a level of expectation that just can't meet - sadly, my life isn't all Starbucks, travelling and blog events.

I've decided to take away the 'seriousness' to my blog - return it back to it's former glory if you will. I'm still going to try my best with photos and content but i'm removing the pressure. I'm posting what i want, when i want and i'm not going to kill myself to schedule a stupid amount of tweets that do nothing but piss everyone off.

I don't know exactly when and what my next post will be but that's the beauty of it. I do hope you'll stick around and continue to read my blog and carry on this journey with me.

Til next time'
Natalie xx


  1. I look forward to whatever you post next, lovely! Be it serious or not. It's your blog, so do whatever you want to do with it instead having the pressure of what you think it should be. Just have some fun!

    Laura x |

    1. Aw thank you Laura, always know i can count on your support <3
      Natalie xx


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