Elixir Make Up Super 16hr Stay Lipstick

Elixir Make Up Super 16hr Stay Lipstick

I'm back with a new beauty review for you today, it feels like ages since i reviewed a specific product and I've been meaning to post about the Elixir Make Up Super 16hr Stay Lipstick for a while now, as it's a lipstick I've found myself wearing a lot lately.

Elixir Make Up Super 16hr Stay Lipstick

Elixir Make Up Super 16hr Stay Lipstick

This has become one of my fail safe lipsticks; whenever i don't know which to wear i reach for this because i know i love it and it goes with everything. Sadly, the shade doesn't have a name the packaging just says No 189 - this is such a pet hate of mine when they use numbers instead of names!

The shade is a really beautiful rose pink with a slight hint of plum to it - it reminds me a little bit of Mac Plumful but this is more pink toned. It has a glossy finish and sheer formula so it's not to intense on the lips making it perfect for everyday wear, but you can also build it up to get a more intense finish if you fancy something a little bolder.

As it's sheer, it's not the most long lasting - I'd say you get about 1-2hours wear out of it, i know for some people this may be an issue but I'm someone who reapplies there lipstick anyway so this doesn't bother me too much.

Unfortunately, i don't actually know where it's available to buy as my mum got me this lipstick when she went on holiday to Cyprus back in June, i did have a little look online and found there website however, it's not the easiest to navigate and i don't think you can order online so i do apologise about that but i really wanted to share this lipstick with you!

Natalie xx


  1. This colour is beautiful. I've not even heard about these...deffo need to go on a beauty shopping trip! Fab post, sweet!

    Laura x | http://pale-girl-reviews.blogspot.com

    1. It's gorgeous isnt it? I think it's a Cypriot(?) brand as thats where my mum got it from and i hadn't heard of the brand myself either!
      Natalie xx


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