Slimming World #4 | Holiday, Club 10 and Off Plan?

Slimming World #4 | Holiday, Club 10 and Off Plan?

I've missed a few posts this week as I've just been busy and I've just not made the time to blog or take photos, i normally have a fairly strict schedule but I'm thinking i might try without one for a while - just post as and when and see which i prefer because at the moment, I'm enjoying not rushing around getting a post together so we shall see how this goes.

Today's post is my latest Slimming World Update, this was due to go up on the 4th but as i just mentioned i was busy so here we are...I feel like I'm struggling with SW at the moment! I'm really torn between wanting to lose more weight and wanting to eat everything i shouldn't.

Since being away in Scotland and having a really off plan week due to lack of options (it was a VERY small town) it's really thrown me off plan and I'm struggling to find my way back! I also don't really know how I managed to have a loss the week after my holiday either - I was expecting a good 3-5lbs gain!

I'm finding my meals are fine, I really enjoy those and they're pretty much always SE friendly but it's just the snacking - I'm struggling to say no to naughty sweet treats!

I've been working quite a few 12-6 shifts which I think are partly to blame because it's to early to have a dinner then by the time I finish work I'm starving so I'm snacking whilst I'm making tea and even then my tea isn't fully filling me so I'm continuing to snack!

I think those shifts are over for now so I'm going to see how I get on for the next few weeks and see if I'm right! I really need to get my head back into it though because whilst I'm still losing, it's only 0.5lbs and it'll take me ages to reach my next milestone!

Slimming World #4 | Holiday, Club 10 and Off Plan?

One thing i am really proud of this month is that i got my Club 10 award, which means I've officially lost 10% of my body weight - my small losses means, i am holding onto it by the skin of my teeth (is that the expression or i have just made that up?) but I've got it all the same so i need to get my head back into gear to keep hold of it and hopefully get my free week if i maintain it for 10 weeks.

This Months Weigh In Results:
(3/8) Week 13: -1.5lbs
(10/8) Week 14: Holiday
(17/8) Week 15: -0.5lbs
(24/8) Week 16: - 0.5lbs (Club 10)
(31/8) Week 17: -0.5lbs

Total: 3lbs
Total Weight Loss So Far: 1 Stone 9.5 lbs

Best SW Discovery This Month: SlimmingMillie's Instagram: she's a serious inspiration - she's been doing SW from home and only just joined an official group but by herself she has lost about 8 stone, possibly more and she's really close to her target weight as well.

Favourite Meal: SW Chicken Saag - this is an Iceland meal and it's only the second time I've had it but its so nice, i like to have mine with some SW chips and a couple of Poppodoms (these are synned) but it's so tasty and it does feel like you're having a treat meal.

Least Favourite Meal: SW pizza - i was really grateful to find this recipe at first but it never quite fulfills my pizza craving! The last time I had it, it also made me really ill so it's kind of put me off it!

Non Scale Victories:

- received a few compliments off people who've recognised my weight loss
- tried a vest top on that I could never get on past my hips and now it fits comfortably

Goals for Next Month:
1. Reach 2 Stone!
2. Cut down on the snacking

A very slow month, progress wise! I have a weigh in tonight but i don't have high hopes because I've not been very good this week. I've eaten out a few times and I've consumed ALOT of alcohol but we shall see how it goes and I'm determined to get my butt back into gear this week.

Do you do Slimming World?
How are you getting on?

Natalie xx


  1. I'm tempted to start slimming world, however I could only do online & its quite pricey, is it worth it? xo

    1. It is pricey but personally i think it's worth it. I've always struggled with losing weight but since joining slimming world ive almost lost 2 stone so it definitely works.

      It's not easy, it requires a certain amount of sacrifice and there are times when you will want to throw in the towel and think sod it but i think its worth it and im so glad i joined it.



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