Life Lately #14 | Theatre Shows, Reading & Halloween Drama

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I've been a little absent on my blog this past week; I've been really eager to post but due to a lot of extra shifts at work, I've been really tired and just not had the time to get any blog photos done and i didn't want to create a half arsed post, just for the sake of posting -- I've had a few days off work (finally) and I've spent it planning posts and taking some photos, so I'm rather excited to get back into the swing of things and start posting again.

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I didn't have a massive amount planned for the month of October so there isn't a lot to report this month but before i do jump in, how cute is Niko in his little tie?!

I went to see two theatre shows this month, I'm really sad because i only have one show left and i don't have anymore planned until around March time but there are some really exciting ones on next year! The first show i saw this month was Sister Act; i watched this about 7 years ago when it debuted(? is that a word) on the West End and it was incredible. Alexandra Burke took the lead as Deloris Van Cartier, i personally am not a fan of Alexandra Burke but there is no denying that she has an amazing voice and played the role very well.

The second show i saw was The Rocky Horror Picture Show; i went watching this back in February and it was absolutely incredible so as soon as i found out it was coming back to Liverpool, i got some more tickets. This cast works so well and i don't have enough words to explain just how amazing this is - sadly, it got cancelled during the interval due to a 'technical difficulty' - i was devastated to say the least, i was given a full refund which was great but i feel unfinished, if that makes sense. I'm really gutted that I'm probably not going to get to see this show again at least with this same cast, because they are a serious credit to the show.

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I've decided that during the 6th to 11th November, I'm going to have myself a little read-a-thon. Now this is not run by anyone or anything official, i just have some time off and decided that rather than spending it on my phone browsing social media all day everyday - I'm going to read a lot. I am going to do a full post on this (going up on the 6th) but i thought I'd give anyone a heads up, if they'd like to join me! I'm actually really excited for this because it's been a very long time since i spent all day, everyday reading and I'm dedicating 6 days to it. So, d'ya fancy joining me?

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Last thing i want to share is by far my favourite - Halloween!!! I had a lot of drama in the build up to this Halloween because I'd originally planned to go as Mad Hatter (I'd planned this since March and had my costume bought since August) but then i got really caught up watching Halloween tutorials and decided i wanted something a bit more creative make up wise. I also found this gorgeous 1950s Zombie style dress and was instantly hooked on the idea - but then the costume came and it was bloody awful - i mean shoddy quality, the netting underneath was cut really short and was very unflattering and it was also really baggy around my waist.

So i sent that back, spent a good two weeks stressing and in the end i took one of my own dresses and got scissor happy and slashed it up - it turned out pretty well if i may say so myself. I was also really proud of my zombie make up - what do you think? However, someone remind me next year how bloody difficult it is to remove fake blood - it's stained my skin and it looks like i have a sucker on my neck! That being said, I do adore Halloween, i love getting all dressed up and i love that most of my friends get involved too and we had a really fun night - don't they look amazing? Did any of you get dressed up for Halloween?

I don't have a whole lot planned for November; i do have my last theatre show of the year but it's mostly going to be a quiet one as i need to start Christmas shopping and putting some pennies towards that!

Hope October treated you well!
Natalie xx

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