2016 Reflection | This Year I've...

2016 Reflection | This Year I've...

- Went for my first Smear Test (it did not end well, but that is a whole other story)
- Hit 1000 Followers on Blog Lovin'
- Watch Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Liverpool Empire
- Cancelled My Gym Membership
- Rewatched the OC
- Read and loved the Book Thief
- Made a Patchwork Baby Blanket from scratch
- Started a Bullet Journal
- Watched Annie at the Liverpool Empire
- Found my perfect Nude Nail Polish
- Discovered Malteaser Bunnies
- Watched Guys & Dolls at the Liverpool Empire
- Went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach with the girls.
- Got so drunk for my birthday that I've not been drunk since - the hangover was the worst.
- Oliver James was born - my beautiful little nephew!
- Got two new tattoos
- Joined Slimming World
- Watched Footloose at the Liverpool Empire
- Almost passed out in work (thanks to the hot weather)
- Crocheted a baby blanket for the first time.
- Watched American Idiot at the Liverpool Empire
- Got Slimmer of the Month (June)
- Celebrated my lovely friends wedding.
- Finally got to watch Me Before You
- Gained a lovely new cousin.
- Had an operation
- Tried Jamie's Italian for the very first time.
- Rewatched Gilmore Girls.
- Watched Chicago at the Liverpool Empire
- Discovered i was gaining another new little cousin.
- Ate a lot of Nando's.
- Went to Scotland.
- Watched Full House
- Watched Blood Brothers at the Liverpool Empire
- Got my Club 10 Award
- Decluttered my Wardrobe/Make Up
- Dropped two dress sizes
- Got my 2 stone award at SW
- Watched Sister Act at the Liverpool Empire
- Made my first Colourpop Order
- Tried the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler | Hello Afro
- Watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show (again) - but it got cancelled half way through.
- Turned myself into a zombie for Halloween.
- Went to the cinema and saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them.
- Came 3rd in a karaoke competition
- Made an advent calendar for my sister.
- Watched The Full Monty at the Liverpool Empire
- Went on on Christmas eve and stayed out til 4.30am - waa great night though.
- Celebrated 5 years of blogging.

Stay Safe & Have a great new years!
Natalie xx

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  1. It looks like you've had a busy year! Malteaster bunnies are amazing ♥
    Happy New Year, hope 2017 is fab for you :) xo


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