5 Years of Blogging & 20 Things About You May Not Know About Me

 5 Years of Blogging & 20 Things About You May Not Know About Me

Today is my blog's official birthday and today 'Youralmostalice' is 5 years old. Can you believe that i have been blogging so long? It's been one heck of a journey and i would never have believed I'd still doing it and still loving it so far down the line. Blogging has brought me so many amazing opportunities and I'm so grateful for the people who find my blog worthy of featuring their products and of course too all the wonderful people who continue to read my blog!

 5 Years of Blogging & 20 Things About You May Not Know About Me

1. I have heterochromia; which basically means i have two different coloured eyes.
2. Flying Saucers are my all time favourite sweets but I'm a bit of snob and only like the proper traditional sweet shop ones. I get a massive box every Christmas.
3. I started Slimming World back in May and have lost over 2 stone so far!
4. I once met Matt Willis, he was really lovely and he smelled amazing!
5. I love tattoos - i currently have eight and want so many more!
6. Halloween is my favourite time of the year. I love having an excuse to get all dressed up and be really creative with my make up.
7. Mexican food is my absolute favourite; Burritos, Fajitas, Enchiladas, Tacos, Quesadillas...Oh my, i love them all!!
8. I can't cope with being late. It literally stresses me out so much and it really winds me up when other people are late - especially if they arrange the time to meet!!!
9. I also can't cope with the sound of people eating. It knocks me sick and i really hate it when youtubers start eating/crunching on their videos. STAWP.
10. My favourite alcoholic drink is Dry Martini and Lemonade.
11. I used to hate when people spam photos of their pets but ever since my nan got her dog, i can completely understand why because it's all i want to do. Everyone just needs to see how cute he is!
12. I love karaoke and was recently in a karaoke competition (as a duo) - we came third!
13. I'm not a massive lover of Christmas but i do love buying Christmas presents, eating my advent calendar and festive bedding.
14. I love putting on my make up - i genuinely enjoy the process and i love how you can really switch up your appearance with it.
15.  I hate Facebook but won't delete because I'm too nosey.
16. I can't stand velvet. The feeling of (even thinking about it) makes me feel physically sick.
17. One of my all time favourite songs is Fix You by Coldplay, it's such a beautiful song.
18. The theatre is one of my happy places. I've made the effort to go and see so many more shows over the past few years and i love it!
19. I'm quite a grumpy person especially in the morning, i don't know how anyone can be really cheery and loving life when they've just got up. How?!
20. I'm still really close with my first primary school best friend. We've been best friends for about 19 years and i couldn't imagine my life without her

Thank you for being a follower and a reader of my blog. It means more than you know!
Natalie xx

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