Boxing Day Sales | Boots, Superdrug & Feel Unique

Boxing Day Sales | Boots, Superdrug & Feel Unique

Let me start this post by first wishing you all a Merry Christmas and i hope you all had a really lovely Christmas, i know it's more or less over with now but I've had a really lovely Christmas and i was very lucky this year and got lots of wonderful gifts - some of which will definitely be featuring here on my blog in the near future.

I had absolutely no intention of going out on Boxing Day but somehow i found myself up early and making my way into town before 10am. I'd browsed the websites the day before so i was on the look out for a few items, most of which i was able to find including some bits there was out of stock online!

Boxing Day Sales | Boots, Superdrug & Feel Unique

I really wanted to get my hands on the Soap & Glory eyeliner set last year but they'd all sold out so i was made up to see that my Boots had plenty of the Soap & Glory Kohl-Eyed Gift Sets (£5) this year. The packaging for this is a amazing, it's a working kaleidoscope and it contains three of the Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl eyeliners in the shades Smoulder, Foil in Love and What a Night. I've never tried the Soap & Glory kohl eyeliners before but i have heard a few good things about them so I'm really looking forward to trying them out.

Boxing Day Sales | Boots, Superdrug & Feel Unique

I was really impressed with the price reductions of the Zoella Christmas range which is why i decided to pick up a few bits from it. I've very rarely bothered with any of her ranges because i think the price range is ridiculous so this gives me the chance to try some of her items out. I have no idea what this is going to smell like either so chances are i might have wasted my money but i decided to pick up the Zoella Gingerbread & Bake My Day Fragrance Gift Set (£3.99) and the Zoella Gingerbread Bath Fizz Gift Set (£2.99) - i still can't quite get over the price reductions of these, they're almost 3x the amount on Feel Unique. I also picked up the Zoella Hungry Hands Handcream (£1.99) because Zoe raves about this in her videos so for £1.99 I'm decided to give it a try.

Boxing Day Sales | Boots, Superdrug & Feel Unique

I had absolutely no intention of making an order on Feel Unique but i really wanted to buy something else so i found myself browsing their website and before i knew it, I'd made an order. I'd spotted the 2017 Beauty Diary (£7.50) a little while ago, it looks so good but i didn't want to pay £10 for it, it had been reduced down to £7.50 and i was still a bit iffy about spending that but i decided to get it anyways because I'll only end up regretting not buying it when i had the chance. I also got the Fleur De Force Eyeshadow Quad in Lunar Rose (£2.35), I've wanted to try this eyeshadow quad out for ages but I've always felt unable to justify my need for another eyeshadow palette because i already own so many. I still don't necessarily need it but for that price there is no way I'm missing out on it, it's such a bargain. I really like the shades in this Lunar Rose palette too.

To qualify for free delivery you had to spend a minimum of £15 or pay £4.95 delivery - i refused to pay for shipping when i could buy another product and get it for free. I know that's a backward way of thinking but the product i bought is more or less the same price as the shipping so I've not spent any more than i would have if i only bought the two and paid for shipping (does that make sense?)

It took me an absolutely ages to decide on what to buy but in the end i went with the Lottie London Soap Star Brush Cleanser (£5.55) - i have no idea what this is going to be like but i own a lot of brushes so i know it won't be a waste of money. I am also in need of a good brush cleaner too so who knows this might just be exactly what i need.

I did plan on making a Lush order, as i do every boxing day (it more or less lasts me for the rest of the year) but by the time i got through to the website, there wasn't a massive amount left and what was left wasn't really what i wanted so i decided to leave it. The only thing I'm sad about is that i always pick up a bottle of Snow Fairy for the following Christmas but next year, I'll have to buy it full price before hand.

So that is all i picked up in the boxing day sales - i didn't go too overboard as i don't see the point in buying things just for the sake of it being cheap but I'm really happy with the items i did buy and I'm looking forward to trying them all out.
Did you pick any items up in the Boxing Day sales?
Natalie xx

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  1. I haven't done too much sale shopping this year! I did go to LUSH but that's about it! You got some fab bits though.



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