Life Lately #15 | The Full Monty, Fantastic Beasts and the Gilmore Girls Revival

Life Lately #15 | The Full Monty, Fantastic Beasts and the Gilmore Girls Revival

I feel like November as been really uneventful this month so i don't have a lot to talk about in today's catch up post. I've been quite busy with work now that Christmas is approaching, especially over the weekends - i usually alternate my Sundays but now that were getting busier I'm working them all so I've not really been wanting to go out.

Life Lately #15 | The Full Monty, Fantastic Beasts and the Gilmore Girls Revival

I seem to have spent the majority of November being ill; the dreaded Winter flu/cold struck me and it's stuck with me for the majority of the month, no sooner it starts to go it hits me all over again. I've been struck with a stomach bug and I've spent the past few days with quite possibly one of the worst headaches i have ever had in my life. So I've spent most of November feeling pretty lousy.

At the start of the month though, i did go to see The Full Monty at the Liverpool Empire and it was amazing! It's the perfect Girl's Night show and i loved it from start to finish. It was done really well; the story was virtually identical to the film, it was hilarious and I think they chose the perfect cast for it. Gary Lucy was amazing as Gaz, he played him really well not to mention his face and body (and butt) was pretty nice to look at.

Andrew Lewis was also a big stand out for me, i can't remember the name of the character he played but it's the one who is really down and depressed and attempts to kill himself - he portrayed the character really well and he was really funny too. I actually discovered the day after that he is Matthew Lewis's brother, which makes sense now that i know but i never realised at the time.

The show was brilliant though and id honestly recommend going to see it and yes for those wondering - the ending is awesome, and they do get fully naked (the lights go off before their manhood is displayed though)

Life Lately #15 | The Full Monty, Fantastic Beasts and the Gilmore Girls Revival

I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them this month because it finally came out!! I haven't been to the cinema in ages and it's gone so expensive - seriously, the guy should have put on a balaclava when he asked for my money. Thankfully Fantastic Beasts did not disappoint at all, in fact it was amazing and so much better than i had expected. I adore Eddie Redmayne, i have done since My Week With Marilyn and i feel like this film was perfect for him. If you've not been yet, seriously go and watch it - it is so so good!

Also, the Gilmore Girls Revival happened this month - i watched Gilmore Girls years ago and loved the show and i spent a lot of this year rewatching it ready for the revival. I was so excited to head back to Stars Hollow and catch up with everyone but i have to say i was really disappointed in it. I just found the revival to be really boring, nothing worthwhile really happened - there is only two good things that came from this episode - the last 15 minutes of the Autumn episode because FINALLY and i also loved the development of Emily Gilmore, i really liked how they portrayed her grief and her growth through that. Otherwise, i feel like the four 90 minute episodes were a waste of time and I'm gutted because it could have been done so much better. It just proves that somethings are best left alone.

Life Lately #15 | The Full Monty, Fantastic Beasts and the Gilmore Girls Revival

Lastly, I've really been enjoying blogging lately. I've really struggled with my blog this past year, I've felt like it wasn't really getting anywhere and my stats just stopped moving and it really got me down. So i changed my entire outlook and now i blog for me and i feel like it's made all the difference, I've removed any pressure that i was originally putting on myself and it's rekindle my love for blogging.

I've decided to blog every other day in December - I'm not doing blogmas and to be honest they're not really Christmas themed though, so i hope you don't mind. I never organise myself well enough for both Halloween and Christmas posts, i always have great ideas but i leave it too late to execute them (maybe, next year)

How's your life lately?
Natalie xx

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  1. Loved this post! Fantastic Beasts was such an amazing film, Eddie really was perfect for the role. I feel completely the same way about Gilmore Girls :(

    Eloise x


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