Things I Like About Christmas

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So... this week has been crazy busy. If you work in retail too - you'll probably know exactly where I'm coming from, I've had barely any days off this week and I'm not off until the big day itself. Which i why i missed posting on Wednesday and why this is a very simple post too. I'm not the most festive of people but i thought id share with you the few things i do like about Christmas.

1. Everyone seems to be in a much perkier mood.
2. Home Alone, The Holiday & Jingle All The Way
3. Fairy Lights.
4. Festive Themed Drinks.
5. Giving Christmas Presents.
6. Wrapping (well, the idea of it)
7. Christmas 24 Movie Channel
8. Advent Calendars
9. Festive Bedding.
10. Christmassy scented candles.
11. Catching up with everyone.
12. Christmas Gift Ranges in Shops especially Boots & Superdrug.
13. Gold Eyes & Red Lips.
14. Vlogmas - i love watching everyone's vlogs.
15. Christmas Eve - Best night out of the year.

Merry Christmas!
Natalie xx

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