Monthly Favourites & Goals | March

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March has been a pretty shitty month, if I'm completely honest. Everything has just been really stressful; from my personal life, to blogging and at times work. I've discovered a few products that I'm really liking but other than that I've not really switched it up my routine all that much.

Review | Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation

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I was intriqued by this Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Foundation when it was released that i knew it wouldn't take long til it was in my possesion. Granted it fell into my basket as soon as i found myself in Boots.

Guys & Dolls | Liverpool Empire

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I went to watch Guys & Dolls on the 16th March - we went into the show a bit blind as neither of us knew what it was really about but decided to book tickets anyway.

Taffy Mail

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I have a bit of a sweet tooth and I'm rather fond of my sweeties. American sweets are even better. So when i saw Taffy Mail offering bloggers the opportunity to try one of their boxes, i put my details forward and they very kindly sent me a large box of American candy goodness.

Blogging: A Hobby or A Habit?

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I've been blogging for so long now that i often wonder whether i still enjoy my hobby or whether it has in fact just become a habit.

Review (Kind of) | Soap & Glory Kick Ass Super-Blur Imperfections Eraser

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Have you ever bought something because the name and the claim completely suckered you in? Well this was one of this purchases, add on that it was on offer for £6 it was in my basket and on it's way to me before i knew it. My skin isn't perfect; it has dry patches, red patches and a couple of bumps and blemishes so the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Super-Blur Imperfections Eraser sounded pretty amazing to me.

1000 Follower Giveaway

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So last month we finally hit the big '1000' milestone so as a little thank you i wanted to do a little giveaway as a thank you. I honestly can't tell you how much i appreciate each and every person that follows on my blog - I'm so grateful to each and every person than reads and comments on my blog, it means so much to know that you are enjoying my posts. I work so hard on my blog and it's really nice too know it's appreciated by someone. So i wanted to do this giveaway as a little thank you.

Annie | Liverpool Empire

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I'm back with another theatre review today. On Monday i went to see Annie at the Liverpool Empire, i was a massive fan of Annie growing up so as soon as i saw the show was touring there was no way i was missing out. I was seriously obsessed with the musical, i watched it most nights on VHS and i always wanted to play Annie.

Review | Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Lickable

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It's been ages since I've had a new Mac Lipstick to review on my blog; i was lucky enough to get two for Christmas - Creme Cup which was a replacement as I'd already used my first one up and then Lickable. Lickable was an impulse choice, i knew i was getting Creme Cup as my mum was getting it me for Christmas so when i was picking it out, my Nan told me to pick another one for her to put away for Christmas too. So i did some manic swatching and decided upon Lickable.

Ebay Bold Metal Brushes - The Verdict.

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A couple of weeks ago i posted about some possible make up brush dupes for the Real Techniques Bold Metal Brush Range that I'd found on Ebay - see here. A lot of you seemed quite interested and wanted to know how i got on with them so after using them for a couple of weeks, here's my verdict.

Review | Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm

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The last cleansing balm i tried was the Body Shop Chamomile one and i loved it so when Merumaya very kindly offered to send me their Melting Cleansing Balm* for review, i instantly agreed. I really enjoyed using the cleansing balm, so i jumped at the chance to try another one and i was also a little curious to see how it compares.

Beauty | Boots Make Up Haul

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I've been planning on having a massive declutter of my make up and i mean be really ruthless and get rid of all the products that I'm holding onto 'just incase', naturally this hasn't happened yet (it will) but instead i found myself on Boots website making an order buying more make up and i picked up a couple more items when i went to pick up my order too. I think it's safe to say I'm a little addicted but in my defence i did pick a couple of items up for a give away I'll be doing soon.