2016 | Best of Beauty

2016 | Best of Beauty

These yearly favourites are one of my absolutely favourite posts to write and to read - we try and love so many different products throughout the year that it's a true testament to the products that actually make it into these posts! It actually took me a little while to really select which products i really felt where my favourites of the year. I've tried so many different products; some I've loved, liked and loathed but I've finally narrowed it down to what I'd considered my favourites of 2016.

2016 | Best of Beauty

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
For the first part of the year, this foundation was sat in my drawer gather dust and it was only when my lovely friend Aimee was wearing this in her snap chat (she's a make artist, follow her instagram) and her base looked flawless that i decided to dig mine back out and I've been obsessed with it ever since. I mostly wear this on nights out because it has really great coverage and gives the skin a bright and flawless finish. I love applying this with an Artis dupe brush and it's honestly amazing. This is also the only foundation, i have ever repurchased.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer
If you've followed my blog for a while you'll know I'm very difficult to please when it comes to concealer but this Bourjois one has really won me over. I bought this on a complete whim and it's amazing - not only is it hydrating and moisturising under the eyes but it actually covers my dark circles. I love to apply this, then leave it for 5 minutes to really sink into the skin before blending and it works perfectly.

Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick in Fair
I'm not using this as much now but for the most part of year, i have been obsessed with this contour stick. It's dual ended with a contour on one side and highlight on the other - it's so easy to use and blend and it makes achieving a contour so easy. The contour is definitely my favourite side - it's a light, almost grey toned brown which really helps to define the face and make the contour look much more natural. I've almost used all this up and as you can see from the photo the packaging for this is well loved.

Make Up Obsession Highlighter in Moon
This is a very late edition to my make up collection but I'm absolutely obsessed with it - it has taken place of my Sleek Solstice Palette and my Mary Lou Manizer highlighters and it's possible the cheapest highlighter i own, costing £3. It's a silver toned highlighter and it's so beautiful, it's very pigmented and it just gives the most beautiful glow to the skin - i can't get enough!

Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette*
This is one of my go to everyday base products - it's so natural and subtle and i love it for everyday because it just adds a little something to your make up and gives the complexion a really healthy glow.. It's probably one of the only multi-use palette i own which i actually like every product in it. The contour is a soft brown tone works really well contouring the face and adding subtle definition to the face but i also really like using this as a bronzer to warm up my complexion. The blush is a pink coral tone is really pretty and adds a lovely subtle hint of colour to the cheeks and the highlighter is a golden champagne shade, i use this both as a highlighter and as an all over lid eyeshadow - it's so pretty and really brightens up the skin.

Make Up Revolution The Matte Blush in Nude
For the majority of the year this has been on of my go to blushes - it's a very subtle nude pink shade that gives a lovely pop of colour to the cheeks and really finishes off the make up look. It's love for day to day wear but it's also the perfect blush to wear when you have a full and heavy face of make up because it's so subtle, it finishes off the make up without looking too much.

2016 | Best of Beauty

Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette
I got this as a present last Christmas and I've frequently gone back to it throughout the year - it's such a gorgeous palette but it's only this past month where I've really become obsessed with it. I've always been pretty useless with doing smokey eyes but with this palette, I've found the perfect combination of shades and now i can do a proper black smokey eye that actually looks nice and not leave me looking like a panda. This palette is such a good quality and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good smokey eye.
H&M Eyebrow Fix
There is nothing special about this product, it is literally just a clear brow gel but I've used it everyday since i bought it early on in the year and I'm still using it now. Sadly, it is starting to run out and i don't think H&M do this particular one anymore but it's perfect for brushing through the brows and grooming them and the gel helps them set in place so they don't budge.

Maybelline Brow Satin
To me this is a very under-rated beauty products; I've heard very little about this in the blogging world but i really like it. It's dual ended; one side is a pencil to outline and define the brow, the other side is a doufat cushion that you use to fill in the brows. They make filling in your brows so simple and despite how many other brow product I've tried this year, I've always gone back to this.

ColourPop Eyeshadow in Tang, Beverly & Paradox
I felt like i couldn't not include these eyeshadows. I was absolutely blown away by these when i got them - they are the most beautiful buttery eyeshadows and they blend together so well - i don't have any shades like these three in my collection; Tang - a soft dusty plum, Beverly - a red toned brown and Pardox a burgandy red. Together you can create some really beautiful eye looks, they don't crease and they have great pigmentation too.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara
I managed to get this free with my glamour subscription and I'm so glad i got to try it because it's such a good mascara. It coats the lashes perfectly, there is no clumping or smudging and I'm obsessed with the way it makes my lashes look. It gives them so much length and volume and I'm actually gutted because I've now ran out of this mascara.

2016 | Best of Beauty

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Marilyn Cabernet*
This is my go to red lipstick and has been since i got it at the start of 2016. Carbenet is a gorgeous deep wine toned red and it's so pretty. The lipstick itself has a really creamy and moisturising formula and it feels so lovely to wear on the lips, it lasts for hours before need reapplying and it has the most lovely lemony scent to it. I actually own all four in this Marilyn Red's collection and i think they are perfect.

Essence Velvet Stick Matt Lip Colour in Peony Star
I'm obsessed with the shade of this lip stick, it's a gorgeous mauve, deep pink shade and for a spell this was my everyday lipstick. It dries matte but is actually really comfortable on the lips, the lasting power isn't the best but i really love the shade so I'm willing to over look that.

Mac Soar Lipliner & Mac Mehr Lipstick
I think this lip combination was the start of my nude lip affair. I didn't think I'd suit these shades all that much as it's a very 90s brown nude style but i actually really love this combination - Soar is a pink toned brown and Mehr is a a brownish pink with a slight plummy tone to it - the shades compliment each other really well and I love how versatile this lip combination is and i wear it for both everyday and for special occasions.

Make Up Gallery Pout Matters Matt Lip Colour in Latte
I was introduced to these lip products from Laura's post and i was completely blown away by this particularly shade - it has a really lovely creamy formula! Latte is a proper nude shade - very beige toned, it's almost grey. Again, it's another colour i didn't think I'd ever be able to pull off but this became one of my go-to lips, both for daily wear and evening wear.

The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lip in Windsor Rose
Now this one lip product is my current obsession. Again, it's another nude lip product - it's a brown toned creme nude and i love wearing this with my Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk. This has a similar formula to the Make Up Gallery Matte Lip Colour - it's very creamy and comfortable to wear even when it dries matte. I've been loving wearing this lip paired with my Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette.

2016 | Best of Beauty

Kiss False Lashes*
I actually own a few varieties of Kiss Lashes and i use them very sparingly because i like to keep them for very special occasions. They are such good quality, apply really easy and they are so comfortable on the eyes that i forget I'm wearing them.

ImPress Press on Manicure Nails*
When i first tried these i expected them to be falling off my nails within an hour so when a week passed by and they were still going strong i was more than impressed. In fact the only reason i removed mine was because one nail got caught on a suitcase and pinged off so i had to remove the rest - i wore a set of these on my visit to Scotland back in August and they were the perfect solution, they made my nails look really neat and tidy. They are such an easy option and i love that there are so many designs available.

Barry M Hi Shine Gel Nail Paint in Almond
I've not painted my nails all that much this year but whenever i have, it's been the Barry M Hi Shine Gel Nail Paint in Almond (the perfect dupe for Nails Inc Nail Polish in Porchester Square)  it is the perfect nude shade - it's not too beige and not too grey and it goes for any occasion. I'd be lying if i said it doesn't chip easy because it does, my job is very hands on which definitely doesn't help but i love wearing a nude shade on my nails, it's so easy.

Ebay Bold Metals Brushes
I bought the full set of these Bold Metals Brushes Dupe off eBay for about £8 and I've used them pretty much everyday since i got them. You can definitely tell they're not the real thing because the metal handle is very light and plastic but they're actually pretty good quality brushes, they're so soft and they wash really well too. My personal favourite is the contour brush (also, sorry they're not clean in this photo)

Chapstick Mix Stick
This is such a gimmick product and normally when i buy things like this i get bored within weeks and rarely use them again - this one however, has remained a handbag essential ever since i got it. One side is lemon, the other cherry which you can either use alone or mix together - i usually wear them alone but they're nice and moisturising on the lips and its the only lip balm I've continually used.

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume
I'm not even going to attempt to describe this scent because i won't do it any justice. This was a christmas present last year and I've reached for it so much during this year as it's just smells so good. Whenever i pull it out, my friends are always asking for a spray of it too - the scent last ages and i love how unique the bottle is too.

A Few Worthy Mentions:
- Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette
- Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette
- Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation
- Cheryl Stormflower Perfume
- Studio 10 Visible Life Face Definer

What products have you loved throughout 2016?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. So many incredible products! I've just received some of the ColourPop eyeshadow for the first time today and I'm so excited to give them a go, especially after reading this! :)

    Lizzie xx

  2. The Tarte mascara sounds perfect - I love mascaras that give your lashes length and volume at the same time. The Makeup Revolution blush looks gorgeous too! xx



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