5 Under-Rated Beauty Products

5 Under-Rated Beauty Products

As a make up collector hoarder, I've tried quite a lot of different make up products and whilst most are often featured on lots of blogs and get the love they deserve, there are some products that i think are really good but i feel don't get as much attention as they deserve and are very under-rated.

5 Under-Rated Beauty Products

Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown
This is a dual ended brow products; one side a pencil to line and define your brows the other is a powder that you use to colour and fill in any sparse areas. It's so easy to use, the colour matches my brows perfectly but i feel that it hasn't had very much attention or at least I've not really seen it be talked about much. This makes doing my brows so easy and no matter how many times i stray, i always end up back using this.

Make Up Obsession Highlighter in Moon
I've seen a fair bit of coverage on the brand Make Up Obsession but not so many people seem to have discovered the wonder that is their highlighter in the shade Moon. I've seen two youtubers mention this; one of which bought it due to the other mentioning it but that's all and i honestly don't understand why because this is such a good quality, gorgeous highlighter. It's almost a silvery shade but the pigmentation and the glow it gives is incredible and for only £3 too - this has currently taken the place of my Sleek Solstice Palette and my Mary-Lou Manizer.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer
I'm very fussy with concealers, I've tried loads but very few have won me over (not even the Lasting Perfection Concealer from Collection which everyone loves) but this Bourjois Concealer has completely blown me away, it's so hydrating and moisturising on the skin and it covers my dark circles really well. I honestly feel like I've discovered a possible holy grail concealer yet it's not been mentioned much else - out of all the products mentioned, i definitely think this is the most under-rated.

Make Up Gallery Pout Matters Matte Liquid Lip in Latte
I talk about this lip product so much on my blog you're probably already bored of hearing about it but i just think it's such good quality and it's only £1. I've not tried much from Make Up Gallery but i think because it's a Poundland brand, it gets overlooked a lot which I'm too guilty of doing but these matte liquid lipsticks deserve so much more attention. I own three out of the four shades and Latte is by far my favourite, it's a really gorgeous true nude with a hint of brown and the formula is amazing, it has one of the best liquid lipstick formulas that I've tried - it's so moisturising and comfortable to wear.

MUA Pixel Perfect Multi Blush in Peach Bloom
I've seen so little coverage about this blush and i probably wouldn't have tried it if it wasn't for my lovely friend getting it for me as part of my Christmas present but I've literally worn this everyday since. As it's a variety of colours within one pan, it creates the most gorgeous tone of blush - i don't even know how to describe it, it is peachy toned with the pinks and corals but there is also a purple type shade which adds another dimension to it and it's just gorgeous. It's so subtle but it really adds something to your make up.

So those are 5 make up items that i personally think are very under-rated. Have you tried them, do you agree?

Natalie xx

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  1. Lovely pictures and that MUA Pixel sounds lovely :)



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