Happy New Year | 2017 Goals and Resolutions

Happy New Year | 2017 Goals and Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I woke up with the lovely news this morning that I'd won a giveaway on twitter from a very lovely blogger and it really made my morning. Can you believe it's now 2017? I don't know why but there is something about the New Year that always excites me, that feeling of a fresh start and a new leaf - now i don't believe in the whole 'New Year, New Me' palaver but i do feel like it gives inspiration, enthusiasm and a positive outlook on the year ahead. So in true tradition to the New Year and Youralmostalice, I'm going to start off the New Year sharing with you my goals for 2017.

Happy New Year | 2017 Goals and Resolutions

Before i jump into my goals, i wanted to share with you a few photos from New Years Eve that i remembered to take. I used to really hate New Years Eve but these past few years, I've been really lucky to bring in the New Year with lots of my friends and this year was no different - there wasn't as many of use this year as a lot of people decided to stay in or spend it with family so a few of us headed on a night out, for a few drinks, a dance and to bring in the new year and it was really lovely!

Life Goals:

1. Switch Off.
I want to switch off a little more this year, i love my blog and I'm obsessed with social media but it's getting to the point where i check it constantly - its the first and last thing i do in my day and if i have a spare 5 minutes you will find me scrolling. I'm not giving it up but i want to take a little step back and not let it be the first thing i choose to do.

2. More Early Nights.
I've spent the vast majority of this year yawning and feeling tired - seriously, read my twitter its all i complain about. So this year i want to try and have more early nights, even if it's just once a week. I've always been a night owl so it's not going to change entirely but i just want to listen to my body a little more and get more sleep when i need it.

3. Spend Less.
When i look back over the year and think about all the money I've spent quite frivolously it makes me cringe. I really want to grow my savings to a decent amount so i always have something to fall back on if i really needed it, so i really want to try and spend less. I'm not putting myself on a spending ban but just to be more aware of what I'm spending money on! (Yes, Nat - that means less make up)

4. Read More.
I set this goal every year and my success varies from year to year. Last year wasn't a great reading year for me - i did read 22 books but i failed my goodreads challenge by one which frustrates me greatly. I did a little read-a-thon in November and i read 3 books in one week so i know i can do it, i just need to make time for it. I've set myself a goodreads challenge of 20 books but I'd really like to try and read all the books that are currently in my TBR pile (41 books) so we shall see!

5. Get back into Sewing.
My sewing machine is currently sat on top of my wardrobe and is gathering dust. I got so inspired and excited when i first got my sewing machine but i got a little carried away and tried to do all these big projects and because it was too much, i failed and that almost put me off wanting to sew. So I've decided that this year, i want to get back into sewing but i want to start small and work my way up.

6. Les Mis (& more theatre shows)
I've wanted to go see Les Mis on the West End for YEARS and I'm determined that this year will be that year! I also want to continue going to see lots of theatre shows - i adore them and they are a big highlight of my year so i want to go see many more!

7. Driving Lessons.
I say this every year - i need to learn how to drive and i put it off every year. Who knows, maybe this year will be the year!

Slimming World Goals:

1. Continue to Lose Weight:
I started SW back in May and reached my 2 stone award just before Christmas. I don't have a target set yet as i honestly don't know what i want it to be but i have set myself a target of how much i want to try and lose during 2017. I'm not going to sure that amount but I'm feeling quite determined.

2. Drink More.
Ideally, i want to drink more water but that never happens so I'm aiming to drink more with breakfast. For some reason, i never have a drink first thing in the morning and i want to change that.

3. Try one New Recipe a Month at least.
Sometimes on Slimming World it can get quite tough when it comes to meals - I'm quite a fussy eater at times and whilst there are so many SW meals i love, i can get bored really easily if i eat them too much so i want to try at least one new meal a month so that over the year my recipe log will grow.

4. Diet Doodle Diary.
I bought this from The Works - it's only £3, i don't know how much this will help but it's basically like a little food diary and exercise log with a few fun and motivating prompts in between so i want to give this a go. I find i stick to my SW plan better when i have to record what I'm eating.

Happy New Year | 2017 Goals and Resolutions

Blog Goals:

1. Improve Photos.
I still like the photos I'm doing now but i feel like I've been doing the same set up for ages now and i want to try and switch it up a little bit. Any help or suggestions is welcome.

I don't really have many blogging goals this year as i just want to continue doing what I'm doing with as little pressure as possible. I would like my followers to grow but i don't want to set a target because my growth has been very slow during 2016 and I'll be so disappointed if i don't reach it.

That is more or less it as far as my goals for 2017 go - i mostly just want a more productive and healthy year.
What are your goals for 2017?
Natalie xx

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  1. I need to start going to bed earlier! I always go to bed at about 2am and then I'm like a zombie the next day! Haha, Happy New Year and good look on achieving your goals and resolutions:)
    Cloe X http://clxelouise.blogspot.com


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