The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lip in Windsor Rose

The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lip in Windsor Rose

I'm quite fickle when it comes to lip products - i own so many and i often choose my lip colour depending on what mood I'm in. However, every so often i discover a lip product that i fall head over heels for and i just can't get enough of. In this case, The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lip in Windsor Rose stole my heart.

The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lip in Windsor Rose

The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lip in Windsor Rose

I definitely did not need this lip product in my lip collection but i was making a Body Shop order (it was £25 off when you spend £50) and figured it was rude not to try at least one Matte Liquid Lip after hearing so good things about them. I went for the shade Windsor Rose, which i actually expected to be a more pink toned nude - i should stop relying on the images the websites show and actually google the swatches. Instead i was greeted with a brown toned creme nude shade.

I didn't think I'd suit this shade at first but i gave it a try anyways and oh my god, i love it. I like to wear this over the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk as it gives it a more mauvy tone to it, it also provides a nice base and gives the liquid lip something to cling to - i find with this combination my lipstick stays in place for hours.

I've tried a lot of Matte Liquid Lip products over these past few months and this definitely has one of the better formulas, it's very creamy and moisturising on the lips. It doesn't feel drying or sticky like some can do - it's really comfortable to wear, i can also reapply it if i want to without it going all crumbly but i very rarely need to reapply it because i find it lasts hours on me.

I absolutely love this shade - it makes me feel quite sophisticated when i wear it. I've really gotten into dark smokey eyes recently because i finally figured out a combination that works for me without leaving me with panda eyes and this shade compliments it perfectly, it allows the eye make up to really stand out but it still makes quite an impact.

The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lip in Windsor Rose

As I'm a terrible blogger, i didn't take any photos of me wearing it but i have got some selfies from nights out where i have worn it so i thought I'd share them in the hopes it gives you an idea of what it's like.

I'm head over heels for this lip product and it's been the only lipstick I've been reaching for over the past few weeks - i love the formula and the colour is beautiful. They retail for £6 which i think is quite a bargain for The Body Shop, I'm really tempted to get my hands on some more shades!

Have you tried any of The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lips?
Natalie xx

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