6 Blogging Goals

6 Blogging Goals

I'm a little stuck with my blog at the moment, well i have been for a very long time. I love it, but sometimes i think i do more out of habit than out of love. So I've decided to set myself a few blogging goals to try and not only improve my blog but to also make me love blogging again.

1. Blog at least twice a week.
I usually blog about three times week and i do plan on sticking with that schedule but at the moment my hours at work are a little bit all over the place and sometimes i don't organise myself well enough to get the three posts up that I'd planned to do. So my aim is to make sure i get at least 2 of the 3 posts up.

2. Get more organised.
I used to be really on top of my game when it came to being organised with my blog - I'd have posts scheduled in place for a week or two in advance and i want to get back to being that organised instead of panic blogging the night before.

3. Find my topic.
I've been a beauty blogger for so long and i still want to blog about make up but i think make up posts are losing a lot of interest nowadays and my life is too boring to create a lifestyle blog so i feel like i need to find more of a topic to focus on.

4. Improve blog photography
This is a permanent goal for me. I'm always trying to improve my blog photos as i always seem to end up doing the exact same kind of composition.

5. Take time to comment on other blogs.
I've been very crap when it comes to commenting on other blogs - which in turn has affected my interaction which is totally understandable. I do struggle with commenting sometimes because i hate to be that person that just comments 'great post', I'd rather it be something meaningful which is why i often don't comment but I'm determined to set one hour aside each week to comment on blogs.

6. Grow my followers.
I've been stuck around the same Blog Lovin' follower count for almost a year now. I don't know why, i almost feel like my blog has been boycotted. I get a lot of emails saying I've gained followers but my count barely rises so I'm obviously losing the same amount and I'd like that to change.

Have you set yourself any blog goals?
Natalie xx


  1. I think blog commenting has dwindled in general due to the use of Twitter/Insta interaction. However, I've made a big effort in commenting on blogs recently and I'm really enjoying it! :)


  2. Lovely post! I really need to focus on improving my blog photography too


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