February | Beauty Favourites

February | Beauty Favourites

It's freaking me out a little bit that we are already heading into March - i know everyone seems to say this but it doesn't seem like 5 minutes since we was ringing in the new year. Anyways, i put myself on a little spending ban in terms of buying make up (which i have now just broken) so throughout February, it's been a case of rediscovering and using products i already own.

February | Beauty Favourites

Body Shop Eyebrow Powder Duo
I've had this product in my collection for a little while and i loved it but as my brow product collection grew, it got pushed aside as i tried new products. Recently though, i had a good browse through my collection (i need to start rotating the products again) and i came across this powder duo and fell in love with it all over again. I use the lightest shade in the palette which is a dark brown and it is the perfect match for my brows, it's so easy to fill in my brows with and they look natural too - I've been using this with the Nanshy Angled Definer Brush* (i think that's what it's called) and it's the perfect combination.

Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette
A few weeks ago, i did a full review talking about how amazing this palette was but how i wasn't really reaching for it that much because i was loving shimmery eyeshadows. Now I'm still enjoying the shimmer but I've found myself reaching for this palette a lot more too, It has such a beautiful range of shades and I'm really loving it - there such good quality and I've been enjoying experimenting with trying different make up looks.

Look Good, Feel Better Angled Foundation Brush*
Firstly, i apologise for the fact that this brush is dirty - i  didn't get round to cleaning my brushes before taking these photos but I spoke about this brush in a previous post quite recently where i tested out a few make up brushes and this was my favourite out of the three i tried. It's a simple angled flat brush but it is amazing at applying my foundation, it blends out it out beautifully and the angle of the brush makes it really easy to get into all the smaller spaces like under the eye and around the nose. I'm so obsessed with this brush; it's so soft, it's cruelty free and Look Good, Feel Better is a fantastic charity!

Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl Eyeliner in Smoulder
I don't often wear black pencil eyeliner, at least not as much as i used to but i do really like to use them to tightline especially when I'm wearing false eyelashes - not only does it makes your lashes look fuller but it also helps to blend the false lashes in and makes them look more natural. I've really been enjoying using the Soap & Glory Black Eyeliner because it's nice and creamy and it applies really easily but it stays in place really well. I hate smudgy eyeliners and this barely budges!

Ebay Criss Cross Lashes
I love wearing false lashes, they can really make all the difference to your make up but i don't like to pay a fortune on them - i do occasionally but Ebay do some amazing lashes. I absolutely love these criss cross lashes - they come in a set of five and i do have to trim them down a lot so they fit my eyes comfortably but they're so lovely and so easy to apply. They feel really comfortable on and you can find them for such a cheap price on Ebay.

What's in your favourites this month? 
Natalie xx

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