Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighter Palette

Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighter Palette

I'm a big fan of highlighter; it's one of my favourite steps in my make up routine and i don't feel right if my cheeks aren't glowing. I love trying out new highlighters so when i found out I'd won the new Stila's Star Light, Star Bright Palette i was absolutely thrilled - i mean just look at it, it's stunning.

Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighter Palette

It took a lot longer to arrive than it should have due to a postal mishap but the lovely people at Stila sorted it out and it was soon in my hands. The palette itself is absolutely gorgeous; it's a fairly decent size and it comes with a good sized mirror in it which would make it handy for travelling. The palette comes with three domed highlighters; Transcendence a light pearly pink, Kitten a shimmery nude pink and Bronze a honey copper bronze tone.

Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighter Palette
L-R Transendence, Kitten and Bronze
As you can see from the photo, the pigmentation isn't amazing; it's very subtle and the very first time i used it, i was not impressed. I want a highlighter that is visible and that allows me to see the glow on my cheekbones otherwise whats the point? So this isn't a palette i'd wear for a night out nor would i recommend it to anyone who loves a strong highlighter.

However, i decided to try this a few more times and i've found that for a subtle daytime glow or for a more natural look - this palette isn't half bad. It takes a bit of elbow grease to build up the colour but with a little patience you can create a beautiful subtle glow. I tend to use this more day to day and save my intense highlighters for nights out and special occasions.

I tend to use the shade Kitten the most as i find Transcendence can sometimes be s a little chunky, if you build it up too much. I can't really comment on Bronze because the pan just scares me so i've not even tried it on my face. I feel like bronze would look great with a summer tan or on a darker skin tone but i'm a pale white ghost most of the year so i've not quite ventured into that shade yet. Kitten however is really pretty - it's a shimmery nude pink and even though the pigmentation isn't amazing you can build up the shade for a subtle everyday glow.

I definitely think this palette is hit and miss and had i paid the full £32.00 for it instead of winning it on twitter, i'd have been very unimpressed at the pigmentation - i do like this palette thought and i will happily continue to use it as my day to day highlighter. If you are someone who loves a subtle highlight then this might be worth looking into it but i personally think they're are much cheaper options out there that are way better than this palette.

What's your favourite highlighter?
Natalie xx

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  1. I like the look of the shades, I would definitely wear these for day time they look really pretty x

    Zoe Mountford x


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