Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette

There's been a lot of fuss and hype over the Ultimate Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette release by Urban Decay and I'm a massive fan of all the Naked Palettes (including that basic ones) so naturally, i needed to add this one to my collection.

Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette

I was very fortunate to receive this palette for Christmas off my Mum, it's so beautiful but i have to say i haven't been reaching for it as much as i expected and its nothing against the palette - it's mostly that I'm enjoying shimmery eyeshadows at the moment so i don't feel like my eyes are finished whenever i use just matte shades - that being said though, it hasn't disappointed me when i have used it.

It comes with 12 really beautiful matte eyeshadows; Blow (very light nude) Nude (light beige nude) Commando (pale taupe) Tempted (light brown) Instinct (pink toned taupe) Lethal (dark brown) Pre-game (light yellow nude) Extra Bitter (burnt orange) Faith (warm toned brown) Lockout (rich brown) Magnet (gunmetal grey) Black Jack (black) - you get a really good combination or shades so you can easily make it work for both day and night time. I personally find myself using the lighter shades on the top row the most - especially Commando and Tempted, i find they make great transition shades.

I find Urban Decay eyeshadows to be really good quality; they have excellent pigmentation, apply and blend really nicely and they have really good staying power too (i do wear a eyeshadow base underneath) - I'm yet to try a eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay that i don't like and this is no exception. I've not been using it as much as expected, as i mentioned but at the moment I'm really liking shimmery eyeshadows but i do know that i will get a lot of use out of this when i go back to using matte shadows - i go through phases with both finishes, at the moment it's shimmery eyes and matte lips.

The packaging for this palette is absolutely stunning - as it's plastic it does have a slight cheap feel to it but it looks stunning so I'm really not bothered about that. It comes with a really big mirror which is perfect, i could easily use this mirror to do my entire face of make up so it'd be the perfect companion when travelling. I've not tried the make up brush that comes with it so i can't comment on what that's like but generally i do like the Urban Decay brushes.

I don't think this is a palette that everyone needs in their collection but i think if you love your matte eyeshadows or you're just an avid fan of the Naked Palettes then it's well worth checking out!

Natalie xx


  1. This palette looks lovely! But similar to you i'd probably be missing a bit of shimmer on my eyes. Some beautiful colours though, even just to use through your crease :)
    Erin | This Old Joy

  2. I would really like that palette - the black looks pretty!
    Ela | www.stealingyoursunbeams.wordpress.com

  3. This looks so pretty and those shades are gorgeous! It's a shame I'm poor otherwise I'd add it to my collection, aha!

    Laura x | http://pale-girl-reviews.blogspot.com

  4. I love urban decay palettes. This one is absolutely stunning. I rarely use eyeshadows, but when I do, they are only mattes. Great review x



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