EBay Finds #1 | Red Cherry Eyelashes

EBay Finds #1 | Red Cherry Eyelashes

I'm obsessed with EBay and spend many hours browsing on there; I've wanted to start a EBay related series on my blog for ages but i didn't want to just follow other bloggers and do EBay wishlist style posts (Vipxo does the best ones, she finds some absolute gems) so I've decided to do post about individual items and dedicate a new series to the many things i find and buy on EBay. That way, i can share any dupes i find and hopefully review them as well. Today's find is Red Cherry Lashes 217 lashes.

EBay Finds #1 | Red Cherry Eyelashes

Now before anyone says anything in the comments - i know that in comparison to the actual Red Cherry 217 lashes these aren't an exact dupe but if like me, you're happy to buy cheaper false eyelashes off EBay then i thought this might be a handy find for some people.

I actually buy a lot of my eyelashes of EBay because if you're willing to wait a few weeks, they are really affordable and the quality isn't too bad either. I often find i have to cut them down a bit to fit my eyes but i do that with most lashes and i use my own Duo eyelashes glue - it's very rare that the lashes do come with their own glue but i wouldn't use that anyways.

I've eyed up Red Cherry Lashes for a while because they have some really lovely styles and whilst they are pretty affordable anyways, i personally don't want to pay £3.99 for lashes (unless it's a really special occasion). I frequently have a look at what lashes are on EBay and i came across these Red Cherry 217 Eyelashes for only 99p. There are many sellers and the prices can vary between 99p to £2+ depending on which style and which seller you use but if you type in 'Red Cherry Eyelashes' you'll be spoilt for choice.

Onto the eyelashes; I've not actually worn these yet so i can't fully review them in terms of how they wear but i really wanted to share them with you and i wanted to save them for a night out rather than wearing them solely for this review (i hope you don't mind). I can share my initial thoughts on them though and visually, i think the lashes are really pretty - these are quite long so they'll definitely give you the look of really full lashes, there is also gaps in between each cluster which i think will give the appearance that they're a little more natural when they're on because they'll look more spaced out.

The lashes start small and taper out to a bigger size at the end; i really like lashes like that because i find the ones that are all one length look to fake and that's not the kind of look i personally want, so i really like that these are tapered. It also has a clear band, so for those of you who choose not to wear eyeliner will find these easier to blend in with your lashes.

One last thing, i know it says 100% human hair on the packaging but that is one thing i can't say is true or not. They do feel soft and hair like but realistically, they're from EBay so it's not guaranteed. I'm actually looking forward to trying these out and I'll most likely include a photo on my instagram or insta-stories so feel free to follow me if you'd like to see how they look.

I really hope you like this series; i already have my next one planned and I'm really excited to share it!
Have you ever bought any eyelashes off EBay?
Natalie xx

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