50 Things in 500 Days

50 Things in 500 Days

I turned the grand old age of 26 yesterday and I'm freaking out a little bit that I'm getting so much closer to 30, I'm so not ready for that. Last year i set myself 26 things to do before 26 and i failed abysmally, i really wanted to do something similar this year but I've decided to try something a little different.
I was inspired by the 101 in 1001 days challenge that i completed a few years ago now but i didn't want something quite as lengthy so i decided that instead, I'm going to do 50 things in 500 days. I have created a separate page on my blog (here) so you can follow my progress throughout the 500 days there if you're interested. I may also do sporadic blog posts updating you on my progress every now a again as well.

Start Date: 16th April 2017
End Date: 29th August 2018

1. Start Driving Lessons
2. Have at least 2 early nights a month
3. Have a Spa Treatment (Lush?)
4. Get a new piercing
5. Create/Sew a proper item of clothing
6. Post an OOTD
7. Go To Brighton
8. Buy Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
9. Buy Kat Von D Make Up
10. Experiment with brighter make up (At least 3 different looks)
11. Buy something from Charlotte Tilbury
12. Reach 2 1/2 Stone Award
13. Reach 3 Stone Award
14. Reach 3 1/2 Stone Award
15. Reach 4 Stone Award
16. Reach 4 1/2 Stone Award
17. Reach 5 Stone Award
18. Introduce Exercise (Weekly Class?)
19. Make one new recipe a month
20. Wear a Bodycon dress (& feel good in it)
21. Continue the Crisp Ban (aim until New Year)
22. Finish reading all the books in my current TBR pile
23. Read 60 Books
24. Finish re-reading Harry Potter Series
25. Watch 30 films I've never seen before
26. Rewatch The Tudors
27. Rewatch Gossip Girl
28. Watch Lost
29. Buy a Kindle
30. Watch 10 more Theatre Shows
31. Finish buying boxsets to complete my current collections
32. Go To London
33. Watch Les Mis on the West End
34. Go to Covent Garden
35. Go the Tower of London
36. Go to Harrods
37. Go back to Harry Potter Studio Tour
38. Try Shake Shack
39. Try Wahaca
40. Try Yo Sushi!
41. Try Wagamama
42. Have Taco Bell again
43. Get another tattoo
44. Redecorate/Change up room
45. Create an arty wall
46. Declutter room
47. Print photos out (sort into albums?)
48. Book a Holiday
49. Save £2 coins
50. Continue saving money - don't touch savings account.

I feel quite happy with these goals that I've set myself, they're quite realistic and I'm quite optimistic that i can complete a lot if not all of them but we shall see!

Happy Easter Guys!
Natalie xx

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