How I've Improved My Instagram

How I've Improved My Instagram

That title should really read 'How I'm trying to improve my Instagram but lets face it, that's not quite as catchy. Like most, the algorithm that Instagram deemed a good idea (why, I'll never know) has made it really difficult to grow on Instagram so I've been doing my very best to improve my photos and my feed.

How I've Improved My Instagram

If you've clicked on this post with the hopes i know how to guarantee you'll grow your following by masses amount, you are going to be extremely disappointed because that is not something i have achieved nor can i promise you will. I do however, feel like the few changes i have made have helped to improve the amount of likes and interaction on there.

This isn't a post to say what is right or wrong, as with most things there isn't really a right way or wrong way to do instagram and there are million and one other blogs and website that will give you tips and tricks of some kind - these are just some things that i personally find helpful.

How I've Improved My Instagram

Plan Some Ahead
This probably sounds quite strange to some people but i actually plan my instagram photos ahead of time. I usually plan a month at a time - i don't plan every single day because sometimes posts/photos are unplanned but i like to look ahead and see what might be happening that month, what blog posts I'm doing etc... and then i can plan accordingly. This isn't set in stone but it means i always have a rough idea of what i could post.

Bulk Take Photos
If i have some spare time; i use my plan and take as many of the photos i possibly can so i have them ready. Then should something come up and i don't get chance to post, more often than not I've already got my photo ready to go.

Take Extra
Similar to bulk taking your photos, take extra photos that you haven't planned for. It's always handy to have extra photos on your camera roll should you need them that being said, i don't punish myself if i do miss a day of posting.

Quality Counts
I find that my posed photos tend to get the most likes and interaction. People do prefer to have clear and good quality images so it's definitely worth considering what images you post - I'm not opposed to posting my drunken blurry 'real life' images too, i just tend to space them out in between the better quality ones. I take 90% of my Instagram photos on my Iphone Camera so you really don't need to take them on a fancy camera like some people choose to do that is entirely your choice.

Theme or not to Theme?
Whether you have a theme or not is entirely up to you - they do tend to have the better following/growth but personally, i hate them. Yes, your feed looks stunning but nothing grinds my gears more when people complain on Twitter that they have a photos they want to put on instagram but wont because it messes up their themes. I'm sorry but if i like a photo, I'm posting it.

I find hashtags really helpful, in getting your photo out there and reaching people browsing those hashtags who might not be following you - this helps boost likes and sometimes, you may gain a new follower if they like what they see. I try to keep my hastags to a minimum as too many looks messy and i post mine in a comment underneath rather than in the caption. Consider what hashtags you use and keep them relevant to your image.

Have Fun
At the end of the day Instagram is a social media outlet - it doesn't have to be so serious, yes try and grow it the best you can but enjoy it - otherwise what's the point? Post what you want to post, it's your feed and as long as you're proud of it, that's all that matters.

Instagram is one of my favourite social medias, i love posting images and i often post on Insta Stories too. These tips aren't going to grow your following massively but I've definitely seen some improvement in mine since i made these changes.

Do you have tips or trick for trying to improve your instagram? 
Natalie xx


  1. Fab post lovely! I love having an Insta theme but at the same time I agree in that I take some photos and they just don't fit haha. I really like using the UNUM app to plan my feed and see what photos to post next, it's great for planning ahead.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. I couldn't agree more with the 'theme' thing! The white ALL white backgrounds with perfectly placed products - sometimes I like a good old fashioned unplanned photo or a picture of my tea! Great post.



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