Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser

Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser

I've had this Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser for a little while now; normally i clean my brushes with the Johnson's Baby Shampoo but when i was browsing on Feel Unique, this really caught my eye so i decided to order it and give it a go.
Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser

Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser

The Lottie London Solid Brush Cleanser is essentially a bar of soap in a small round pot - it works by wetting your brushes and rubbing them thoroughly on the soap to create a lather, then rinse and repeat until the brush is clean.

It's super easy to use and gives really good results, the soap contains coconut oil and shea butter which leaves the brushes feeling really, really soft and smelling lovely. I really like that this comes in a small pot, i feel like it's quite hygienic and it stops the soap from going all gross like soaps can do when you leave them out. Not to mention the packaging is also really cute - stars and stripes win me over everytime!

There is a few little things that bother me but nothing too major - I ended up constantly needed to rinse the soap because the dirt from the brushes transferred onto the soap so it ended up a bit messy and i also find that most of my brushes needed a second cleanse - i don't know if that's because my brushes were just really dirty or whether it's the soap itself but i feel like it took a little bit longer than it should have because of that.

That being said, i do really like this brush cleanser; it does take a little bit longer than i'd like but it probably doesn't help that i don't clean them as often as i do and i have far too many brushes - it leaves them lovely and clean and feeling nice and soft too.

Overall, i think for the price - it retails for about £7, it's great affordable option and it's a great cleanser, it leaves my brushes feel really soft and smelling lovely too.

What you're favourite brush cleanser?

Natalie xx


  1. I've never properly invested in any products to clean my brushes when I really should, I spend so much money on them I should look after them properly! This sounds really nice and looks easy to use, no mess!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. I've still not invested in a good brush cleanser, I just can't be arsed, ha! It takes a long time by hand, I just can't be bothered faffing with a gadget!

    Laura x | http://pale-girl-reviews.blogspot.com

  3. I really need to try the Lottie London beauty line, I've not tried anything yet! xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc. ❤️

  4. I keep meaning to try something from Lottie London and I haven't got round to it yet! Normally I just use shampoo on my brushes but this sounds pretty good :) xx



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