First Impressions | Primark Glitter Obsessed Glitter Eye Cream Palette

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Ironically, i'm not normally a massive glitter fan but lately, i've really been loving this trend of glitter eyeshadow - it looks amazing and i really want to try it out for myself. I did buy some proper glitter off EBay (description claims its eye safe/cosmetic) but truth be told, im too scared to use it so when i saw this palette pop up on my instagram, i headed straight to Primark and was shocked to see that my local one actually had it in stock.

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I bought this on a complete whim - even though, i knew i wanted the glitter eyeshadows i hadn't heard any reviews or seen any swatches on this palette so for all i knew it was either going to be an amazing bargain or a shoddy cheap glitter palette.

For £4, you get 28 glitter eye creams all varying in shades; at first glance, it does look like you've been given multiple of the same colour but on closer inspection i noticed that they all different tones of glitter.

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After swatching them i was a little disheartened because as you can the application is very thin and sparse not quite the intense glitter look i'm after but i decided not to be put off by the swatches and considered that maybe the product needs to be packed on rather than sweeped(?) so i still tried to go in with an open mind.

Sadly, no matter what way you apply this you just end up with a sparse application of glitter - if you want something subtle, then this could work for you but i wanted to achieve that intense glitter eye thats trending everywhere at the moment and this just left me feeling like a child wearing a bit of glitter on the eye. The cream itself is quite nice and felt gentle on the eyes, even though it looks like it should be quite rough but it's not but i just found the more and more i applied and packed onto my lid, the more it moved around and it just didn't look great on me.

Personally, i'm really disappointed in this product. Obviously, Primark make up is very hit and miss to begin with and it's my own fault for getting over excited and going in with high expectations. Thankfully, it was only £4 so i've not wasted a massive amount of money and i am still going to keep trying to see if i can find a way to use it - maybe, it'll work just applying to the center of my lids rather than all over?

Have you tried the Primark Glitter Obsessed Glitter Eye Cream Palette?
Natalie xx


  1. I saw that product few weeks ago and it look more like something for a little girl to play with . I am glad to see that you did not like it either. Primark have nice make up stuff but some are a bit odd.
    Nice review

    1. Yeah, im really disappointed in it - but i suppose it's my own fault for getting so excited when i know how hit and miss their products are to begin with.
      Natalie xx

  2. This looks so pretty! I'm not a glitter person, but I'd love this in my collection. My Primark is pretty rubbish when it comes to their beauty section though, so chances of me picking it up are slim. Fab post though, lovely! I'll be keeping an eye out.
    Laura x |

    1. I was shocked to see mine had it in tbh, because their beauty section isn't the greatest.
      Natalie xx


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