Shopping the Stash #4

Shopping the Stash #4

I'm really enjoying Shopping My Stash at the moment, I'm still picking up the odd new item or two but otherwise I've been rediscovering so many products that i already own and probably saving myself a fortune in the process.

Shopping the Stash #4

Benefit Dew The Hoola
This is liquid version of Benefit Hoola Bronzer - it's only a sample size (about 5ml) but I've barely used it, it's just been sitting in my drawer and its actually a really lovely product. It only takes a small amount (trust me, a little goes a long way) to warm up my entire complexion, its the perfect companion this summer to get that sun kissed bronze look, if like me you won't be making it on holiday.

H&M Blusher in Spring Flower
This is another really beautiful product I've had in my collection for a while and it's again, been left to one side in my drawer. I bought this a few years ago from H&M, sadly it was limited edition but i was obsessed with it - it not only beautiful to look at but swirled together you get the most beautiful pink, coral tone to your cheeks. Again, perfect for summer - it's such a beautiful blush.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette
I use my original Naked Basics Palette a lot - I've hit pan on some of the shades which doesn't always happen in my eyeshadow palettes so i knew i wanted the second one when it was released but i found myself not using it that much because i think it's very very similar to the first one - so owning both isn't necessary. However, i don't want it to go to waste so I've been making a lot of effort to use it recently and i want to continue to use it as it's perfect for everyday make up, neutral and simple.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Boheme
I bought this lipstick at a time when i was obsessed with wearing peachy pink lipstick and it's honestly such a beautiful lipstick but i just find myself never reaching for it. I love the formula and the colour but i most wear lipsticks on nights out and i always opt for others so i want to try and make myself use this more because it wasn't cheap and i hate to think of it going to waste. Again, this is quite a summery shade so maybe I'll make more of an effort to use it during summer.

Ofra Eyeshadow in Bliss
I tend to reach for my eyeshadow palettes more than i do singles but i want to try and use this Ofra Eyeshadow more. When i first got this, it wasn't the kind of shade i was into - it's very much a peach toned champagne eyeshadow, when i first got this i was more into pink tones, nudes etc... so i just barely reached for it. Now however, i feel like this might be something I'd wear more of. My taste has changed alot - I'm still a neutrals girl but i feel like this would be something I'd wear more of now. (If that makes sense?)

Natalie xx


  1. Fab post lovely! It's incredible how much makeup we all buy but forget about. I keep finding things I totally forgot I'd bought and, like you said, it's a big money saver. It's definitely a new resolution of mine to use up what I've got first before buying new.

    Laura x |

    1. Aw thank you! Isn't it? i own a silly amount so im always finding things ive forgotten about in my colletion or things ive just shoved aside that i once loved so im thoroughly enjoying making use of more product i own.
      Natalie xx


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