Love Me Beauty | June

Love Me Beauty | June

On a late night Internet binge, i found myself signing up for a six month subscription to Love Me Beauty. In hindsight, i wish i shouldn't have done it as it's just something i really need but there's nothing i can do now other than enjoy the treats i pick so here's what i chose for this month.

Love Me Beauty | June

It's done very differently to any other sub box; in that you are given 60 credits to spend and you choose what items you get each month. Now, i do really like that - there is nothing more annoying than the sub boxes that send the silly samples that no-one is ever going to use (yes, stinky perfume samples - I'm talking about you) so choosing what you want means you won't be disappointed.

At the same time, i feel like you don't really get that surprise and sometimes 60 credits can be quite difficult to spend - take this month for instance, i got two products i really wanted and then just had to pick a random one because i either didn't have enough for anything else i wanted or the others were items i really didn't want. I do have to say though, the sample sizes that i received this month at least are quite generous so i suppose you do get what you pay for with the credits.

One thing i must say though, i bloody love the make up bags you get. It makes such a change from big bulky boxes and i absolutely love the designs - just look how pretty this months is, they're such a good size too.

Love Me Beauty | June

Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment | 25 Credits
I'll be honest and say, i mostly chose this because i was intrigued and had heard other people talk about it not because i actually know what it does. After reading up on it, it's a non-rinse dual cleanser/make up removed that deeply cleanses the skin of make up and skin-aging debris. Gently Exfoliating and conditioning the skin to leave an instantly smooth and radiant appearance. I'm guessing it's a mix between a micellar water and a toner - I'm intrigued to try this out and i absolutely love the little glass bottle. You can instantly tell this is an expensive and luxurious product. I'm kind of worried I'm going to love this because it is not a cheap product to buy full price.

Love Me Beauty | June

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Liptick in Outlaw | 20 Credits
I've wanted to try the Kat Von D liquid lipstick for ages and i was planning on getting some when i went to London later this year, so when i saw this i knew it was the perfect opportunity to try out the formula before spending a lot of money on a couple of them and potentially hating them. Luckily, I've actually tried this out already and so far - I'm very impressed with the formula; it's so comfortable on the lips, it doesn't feel thick or heavy, it lasts ages and it has a lovely smooth, matte finish. I also adore the colour of this, Outlaw is a stunning classic brick toned red. This has just made me more excited to pick up some more from her range.

Love Me Beauty | June

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask | 15 Credits
This is the item i chose at random, i didn't particular want a new face mask but it was the best out of what was left that i could buy with my remaining credits. I've not tried this yet but I'm very intrigued to try it out because it claims to purify stressed skin with a clay formula that draws away impurities and toxins, leaving the skins texture refined, pores tightened and the complexion even - which is pretty impressive, if actually does do all of those things.

So those are the items i got this month - i am actually pretty happy with my picks and I'm looking forward to trying them all out properly. If you are interested in subscribing to Love Me Beauty, feel free to use my referral/promo code NATAL6528927 This is NOT sponsored, nor will i get paid - it just means we both will get extra credits to spend (you will get 30, i will get 60) - it's entirely up to you.

As much as i know i shouldn't have signed up to this, I'm looking forward to my little monthly treat and getting to try out some new products and brands.
Natalie xx

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