Mini Superdrug Haul

Mini Superdrug Haul

So despite saying 'i'm not buying any more make up until i go to London', i found myself once again making a Superdrug order; i didn't buy much and most of what i bought was on an offer of some kind which is what spurred me on to getting them and if you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen what i got because i did post it on my Insta Story but i thought I'd post it on here, so you can see what I've been buying and some products that may feature in future reviews.

Mini Superdrug Haul

Real Techniques Prep & Prime Set
Recently, Real Techniques are been on offer quite a lot and Superdrug were doing some amazing deals on some of the Brush Sets and as soon as i saw this one with the beauty blending sponge, i instantly added it to my basket. It was £7.99, the beauty blending sponge retails for about £6 so for an extra £1.99 i was getting extra products - great deal right? Wrong. Stupid me should have actually read what else was in the set before only seeing the sponge and ordering it.

This is such a strange set; it comes with a weird pointed beauty spatula - to help retrieve products from the bottom of jars(?), an under eye reviver - this i do like the sound of it's a metal roller ball to help revive under the eyes, a firm brush head - this is for applying masks, moisturisers or primers, i find this strange i don't think I've ever applied my moisturiser or face mask with a brush and last of all is the beauty blending sponge and a sponge stand for it.

I do regret buying this but I'm just so glad i got it discounted because if I'd have paid full price, I'd have been fuming. I'm still going to give everything a try and who knows maybe it'll work out worthwhile. At least one things for sure, I'll definitely make sure i read what I'm buying instead of just assuming.

Mini Superdrug Haul

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters in Pearlescent Sheen & Ice Sparkle
I've been eyeing up the Ice Sparkle (blue one) highlighter for so long but I've always stopped myself from ordering it, recently however Superdrug had a 2 for £5 offer on the MUA Highlighters so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally try it out and it also meant i got another one too. I already own Pink Shimmer and it's a really great highlighter so i know that these are going to be good quality, I'm just curious as to what the blue highlighter is going to look like on me. I just randomly picked Pearlescent Sheen as my second highlighter as i felt i couldn't really going wrong with a white, pearly highlighter.

Mini Superdrug Haul

Mini Superdrug Haul

Make Up Revolution Salvation Brights Colour Chaos Palette
I've been really loving all the bright eye make up that's trending at the moment and i really wanted to branch out and experiment - I'm a neutrals girl so bright eyeshadow is definitely a big step out of the comfort zone, so i didn't want to buy a really expensive palette but i still wanted good quality so i turned to Make Up Revolution and it didn't let me down as i came across this beauty for £4. I've not actually tried this out properly yet, but the shades are so bright and it does scare me a little bit but I'm really excited to have a play and see what looks i can create. If i feel bright eyeshadow just isn't me or i just don't end up getting much use out of this, it was nice and affordable so i won't feel as guilty.

That is everything i got from Superdrug, i did actually fill up my basket with a lot more stuff but i was restrained and only got these. I'm looking for to testing out the make up items, not sure what to expect with the brush set but maybe I'll do a blog post in the future and report my thoughts.

Have you added any new products to your collection recently?

Natalie xx

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  1. Oooh fab haul! Those MUA highlighters look SO nice and cheap too. Definitely going to pick some up soon. I'm like you, I always say I'm going on a makeup spending ban, but I never stick to it :D

    Laura x |


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