What I'm Taking to London | Make Up

What I'm Taking to London | Make Up

I'm heading to London on Monday for a few days and I'm so excited to get away for a few days, eat everything, shop til i drop and best of all - I'm going to see Les Miserables. I've tried to be quite tame about the amount of products I'm taking as it is only 3 days and no doubt, i will be treating myself to some new products too but i thought I'd share what make up I'm taking.

What I'm Taking to London | Make Up

My collection of Love Me Beauty Make Up Bags are coming in handy for this trip as I've got plenty to hold my skincare, make up and make up brushes and their super cute too!

Base Make Up
I'm having a lot of trouble with my base make up at the moment- in particular foundation because i feel like all my current ones look a bit dark on me and i don't know if they're getting old or just oxidising more but I'm taking the L'Oreal True Match Foundation in Rose Ivory with me, i don't love this foundation but the shade is quite light and gives me enough coverage without feeling too heavy. If i feel like i need a little extra coverage, I'm taking both my Urban Decay Peach Colour Corrector and the Revlon Colourstay Concealer in Fair. I'm still absolutely loving my Bare Minerals Translucent Powder Duo so that's coming with me, it's size is not the most travel friendly but i really like the finish it gives.

My trusty Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Kit in Coral Glow* is coming with me, it's such a good quality and travel friendly compact with a contour, blush and highlighter all in one. I absolutely love this trio and this will see me through the three days I'm there but i am taking The Balm Mary Lou Manizer for that extra poppin' glow. To set everything in place, I'm bringing my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray*, it's going to be a very busy few days so i want my make up to stay in place all day and this is amazing for that.

Eye Make Up
I really struggled decided on which palette to take with me but in the end i decided on my Urban Decay Naked Palette* i just think this will be more practical as the range of shades are really versatile and i can make it work for both day and night wear. The mini Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper is the perfect size for travelling so that's coming with me - i actually don't love this eyeliner, personally i think it's very over rated and I've had cheaper ones that work better but it does the job and it's a good size.

Of course, the Buxom Lash Mascara is coming with me - I'm obsessed with this mascara at the moment, it makes my lashes looks amazing and because it's a sample size, it's very travel friendly. I'm actually only taking two products for my brows; The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in 3 and the Benefit Gimme Brow - i don't really feel like i need another others so it's nice and easy.

Lip Products
Lips is another one that i struggle with because my lip colour changes with my mood so I've tried to pick a few options without being excessive - I'm only bringing one lip liner and that's the Studio 10 Age Reverse Lip Liner*, it's a very natural and universal shade so it will go with all the lip products. For everyday wear, I'm taking my MacXFleurDeForce Lipstick - it's a gorgeous caramel nude and this will go with all the outfits I'm wearing and it's really easy to wear.

If i want something a little bit more intense or bolder, I'm taking both the Milani Amore Matte Creme in Adorable* and the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Cathedral - they're both still in the nude family but they're a little more intense and just in case i want to go in the completely opposite direction with a bold lip, I'm taking my Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Cabernet*, there is a possibility i may end up leaving this one behind and just sticking with the nudes shades but for now, I'm considering taking it with me - just in case i do want some bold and with a bit more colour.

I'm quite happy with the choices I've made, i feel like I've covered all my bases without being too excessive and as i did mention earlier, i will be treating myself to some new make up products while I'm there.
Natalie xx

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