Lush Sleepy Moisturiser

Lush Sleepy Moisturiser

I've never had the best routine when it comes to sleeping. I don't know why but it's very rare that i will have a full nights sleep; it either takes me hours to drift away or i wake up frequently throughout the night. I've tried altering my routine but find the improvements very minimal so when i heard about the new Sleepy Moisturiser from Lush, i just knew i had to get my hands on it.

Lush Sleepy Moisturiser

The Lush Sleepy Moisturiser is a body lotion that is infused with oatmeal, lavender flower and sweet tonka to help relax the mind ready for a good night sleep. The lotion itself is also made with organic cocoa butter and lavender flower to soothe and enrich the skin.

The moisturiser has a really lovely formula and consistency - it's not too thick, it absorbs into the skin really easily and it doesn't leave any kind of greasy residue. The moisturiser itself is a lilac shade which just screams lavender and as expected it does have rich floral lavender scent. I personally really like the scent; for me lavender is really relaxing and soothing which i naturally associate with sleep and being relaxed.

I use this every night and mostly apply it to my neck, arms and chest and i do find it relaxes me a lot. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it gurantee me a good night sleep every night because it does, me and my sleeping pattern are far too messed up for a moisturiser to fix but i do feel like it makes a difference.

It is a little on the pricey side; £7.95 for 95g or £13.95 for 215g - i only bought the smaller pot for now because i didn't want to buy the bigger pot and then not like it because it is a lot of money for a moisturiser. Having now tried it, i would happily pay the for the bigger size, I've used mine almost every night since i got it three weeks ago and it's still almost 80% full so it will last me for a while.

Lush is of course Cruelty-free, organic and this particular product is suitable for vegans!

Lush Sleepy Moisturiser

Whilst on the subject of things that help you sleep or if you want something a little more budget friendly i also love to use the Primark P.S Rest Sleep, Pillow & Body Spray it's essential the exact same scent as the Lush Sleepy Moisturiser but you spray it onto your pillow and even yourself and it helps you to relax more. It doesn't work every time, it's not a miracle worker but i love this and i use it every single night. I've even stocked up on extra bottles incase they stop selling it.

So if your like me and struggle to get a full night sleep, i would definitely recommend looking into these two items. Obviously, it's not going to completely changes your sleeping habits but it definitely makes a difference to mine and i couldn't be without these two items now.

What do you use to get a good nights sleep?

Natalie xx

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