The Ordinary Foundations

The Ordinary Foundations

I'm sure you've already heard of them by now, but The Ordinary have taken the beauty world by storm. A luxurious, good quality brand that's nice and affordable - who can resist? Two of their most popular products is their foundations which a constantly sold out on their website, so whilst i was down in London, i decided to pick both of them up to try out!

The Ordinary Foundations

The Ordinary Foundations
Serum Foundation | Coverage Foundation

The Serum Foundation and The Coverage Foundation are ridiculously popular with an endless waiting list for them to be back in stock. I definitely didn't need to buy both but they were right in front of me and for less than £6 each, it just seemed like to good of an opportunity to not try both.

It still amazes me how cheap these foundations actually are; both foundations do come in cheap little plastic bottles but i actually like them, it's very simple packaging but they're not awful to look at - they're a handy size too, which is handy for anyone who travels a lot. Both foundations come in 21 shades, are 30ml and have a non chemical SPF15. They also both come with pumps!

The Ordinary Foundations

I'm a big fan of lightweight and serum foundations; I've always preferred a base that feels light on the skin so it was only natural that i picked up The Ordinary Serum Foundation (£5.70). I don't know why but i just automatically assumed was going to be amazing - it's had constant rave reviews, it's always sold out and it's my ideal kind of formula but i just don't love it.

As expected it does have a light formula and a light coverage with a slight dewy finish and it feels nice and moisturising to wear but i just don't like how it sits on my skin. I feel like it highlights everything - every blemish, every dry patch and even every hair. I've tried this multiple times and it just leaves me feeling very underwhelmed each time - I've tried it with a primer, without a primer, applying it with a brush, with a beauty sponge and even with my fingers but I'm still yet to get the amazing, impressive results everyone else is getting.

I have the shade 1.1 Neutral - which is a little too light for me and I'm curious as to whether I've chosen the wrong shade and undertone and that's why it's not quite agreeing with me but i have the exact same shade in the Coverage Foundation and that suits me just fine. So i don't know if it's my skin or if it's just a over hyped Foundation.

The Ordinary Foundations

Weirdly enough, i absolutely love the The Ordinary Coverage Foundation (£5.90) - i honestly thought this would be my least favourite of the two but this one has really impressed me. I don't normally go for a high coverage foundation as i like bases with a lighter feel on the skin but this is surprisingly light weight. I'd say it's a medium coverage, it covers everything you need it to but still looks nice and natural.

Again, i got this in the shade 1.1 Neutral but it suits me just fine, in fact it blends into my skin tone really effortlessly and it lasts really well throughout the day too, it only needs a little top up of powder throughout the day. The only negative thing i have to say about this foundation is that when my upper lip is due a wax (yes, i can grow a pretty mean moustache) it can cling to the hairs a little bit which isn't the best look but during this time i just avoid applying it directly to my upper lip and just use whatever is left on my sponge.

For the price, it's worth trying both foundations if you're curious about them but for me The Ordinary Coverage Foundation is the one i personally prefer. I'm so impressed with it; it's lightweight with the perfect coverage and at £5.90 who can complain about that!

Have you tried any of the The Ordinary Foundations?
Natalie xx

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