A Christmas Tradition: Homemade Advent Calendar

A Christmas Tradition: Homemade Advent Calendar

Its technically a tradition if you've done it more than once right? Last year, i was talking to my sister about all the Beauty Advent Calendars and saying how much i really loved the idea of them but that the prices were just a bit ridiculous; some of them retail for over £100 and whilst having that kind of money to throw away must be really nice - that £100 buys a good chunk of my Christmas shopping so it's something i could never justify buying for myself.

So we came up with the idea of creating our own advent calendar for each other.

A Christmas Tradition: Homemade Advent Calendar

A Christmas Tradition: Homemade Advent Calendar

We have two rules; we only do 12 days and we have a spending limit. That way no one spends more than the other and 12 days is a lot more manageable to think of what things to buy - trust me, even 12 things can be a struggle when you have a sister as fussy as mine. Our limit is £30 that way we can get a variety of items, some a little more expensive than others but you could easily adapt the spending limit to anything you want.

I love that you can literally put anything in the calendar; we give each other a few ideas as a starting point but as long as it's within the spending limit and you have enough for 12 days you can choose anything - last year we choose things like chocolates, candles, make up, bed socks etc... just little things. I'm not going to share the contents that I've chosen for my sister's advent calendar this year because she usually reads my blog so i don't want to give any spoilers.

It's a lot of fun putting them together and wrapping them all up - I'm really happy with this years as i love the simplicity of brown parcel paper and ribbon. I used a lot of decorative stickers last year but they all kept falling off to I've kept it really simple this year and i really like how they've turned out.

We alternate days when we each give out advent gifts so that it does last the full 24 days and it's honestly so fun, it's lovely getting a little present every other day but it's just the perfect way to count down to Christmas and because we picked the items for each other, it's very unlikely that we're going to get something we don't like. We've even put one together for my mum so she's not left out either.

Not to wish the time away but I'm really looking forward for Advent to begin as i can't wait to see what my sister's gotten me, plus I've got a milky bar and a pringles advent calendar to open as well so I'm pretty excited. Only 4 more sleeps to go.
Natalie xx

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