Kat Von D Lock It Concealer and Brightening Powder

Kat Von D Lock It Concealer and Brightening Powder

I picked up the Kat Von D Lock It Concealer and Brightening Powder when i was in London back in September, i bought them on a complete whim after Debenhams didn't have the brand i was originally planning to buy from and seeing as I'd already planned to pick a few Kat Von D items up, i decided to try these two as well. I don't wear these products daily; i tend to wear them mostly for nights out when I'm wearing a full face of make up but I've been testing them out for quite a while now.

Kat Von D Lock It Concealer and Brightening Powder

Kat Von D Lock It Concealer and Brightening Powder

I was originally looking to buy a high end concealer so decided to pick up Kat Von D Lock It Concealer seeing as they didn't have the brand i was planning on buying. I've never really read any reviews on this concealer so i honestly didn't really know what to expect which is definitely quite the risk because it's not exactly cheap at £20.

I really like the packaging for this; it has a really pretty and edgy design, it's quite weighty(?) so you do feel like your getting your monies worth, it's slick and sturdy and has a small heart shaped wand applicator. I got the shade Light Neutral 5 which is very light, i purposely picked up a lighter shade because i wanted something would also brighten up under my eyes as well as covering my dark circles.

It has quite a creme formula; so it glides under the eye smoothly and the heart shaped applicator makes it really easy to navigate it around the eye easily. I find it has quite a thick consistency and i can feel it on the skin, I'm guessing that's due to its high coverage - it covers my under eyes really well but i feel like if i didn't set this in place, it would crease. I like to blend mine out with a beauty sponge and this works really well for me - I've not actually tried this on blemishes because i feel like with it being so light, it would highlight them so i use this solely under the eyes to cover my dark circles and brighten up the under eyes.

It is a good concealer; it works well, covers my dark circles and brightens up under the eyes but i don't love it, at least not as much as I'd hoped i would. I'm not used to concealers with such a thick consistency and i think that's the reason I'm not crazy about it but i will continue to use this, it does work and it was a pricey concealer so i want to get my monies worth but personally, i won't be repurchasing this.

Kat Von D Lock It Concealer and Brightening Powder

Again, this was a impulse purchase. After looking at the concealer i got the idea of a loose powder in my head and decided to pick up the Kat Von D Brightening Powder in Petal. These powders were designed to be used in conjunction with the Lock It Concealers to brighten up the under eye so it kind of makes sense that i was drawn to it.

I really like the pot it comes in, the lid has Kat Von D's signature emblem on it but i don't love the bit underneath that the product comes out of (i can't remember what they're called?) as i find i either struggle to get any product out or too much comes out but i think that's an issue with most loose powders so i can live with that.

I opted for the shade Petal which is pink toned powder created to brighten up lighter skin tones. I actually really like this powder - i don't often get on with loose powders which is ironic considering i picked up this powder on a whim and it's not exactly cheap but i really feel like this works. It's a very silky powder and it applies beautifully, i like to use my Real Techniques Setting Brush with this as it fits under the eye perfect. They apply really smoothly without adding any texture to the skin, they look flawless and really help brighten up under the eye and set my concealer in place.

I'm really impressed with this powder and I'm so glad i ended up picking it, i really enjoy applying it and i love that it doesn't look cakey or feel heavy and it works well with the concealer too.

Have you tried any products from Kat Von D?
Natalie xx

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