2017 | Reflection

2017 | Reflection

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Let's make it a good one.

Writing my end of year reflections is actually one of my favourite posts to write, even if you don't enjoy reading them i love having them to look back over. Last years was a bit of a cop out and this year, I'm actually struggling to put it all into words.

I feel like 2017 has been a bit of a weird year and I'm not entirely sure how to summarise it. It's been both a good yet pretty shit year. I've found this year quite tough and i feel like I've struggled a little bit. I've learnt a lot about myself and about others that I've never noticed before but they've had quite a impact on me - it's not something I've really spoken about to anyone though. There is also some aspects of my life that are making me quite unhappy but these are things i have absolutely no control over and that i can't change and that genuinely really scares me.

Not as much as happened this year compared to others, it's been a relatively quiet year however, i don't want to reflect too much on that because i still have a lot to be grateful for.

2017 | Reflection

I've been wanting to return to London for the longest time and this year it finally happened. My trip to London was hands down one of the best things to happen this year. It was amazing to escape life for a few days, eat all the food and just shop to my hearts content - i discovered the meaning of shop til you drop but the highlight of my trip definitely had to be seeing Les Miserables on the the West End. Les Mis is one of my all time favourite musicals and I've been wanting to see it on stage for so long, so finally being able to do that, was a dream come true.

It was absolutely incredible, it was everything i wanted it to be and more and i honestly can't put into words just how good it was and I'm dying to go see it again. Highly recommend it to anyone who's thinking about seeing it.

2017 | Reflection

I say this pretty much every year but i have a really wonderful group of friends and there's a few in particular that i feel I've grown closer to and our friendship has grown stronger over these past few years; I'm quite an awkward person but i feel like they really bring out the best in me and maybe that's a really cheesy thing to say but i honestly believe that, they make me feel really comfortable to be in my own skin and I've come out of my shell a lot more with them. They're the most amazing people i know and I'm truly grateful to be able to call them my friends. I honestly don't know what I'd do without them.

A friendship also kind of broke down this year - which has not been easy. We we're friends for quite a long time so it's been a bit of an adjustment as we were pretty close so to not see them or to tag them in silly things on Facebook or snap chat, it really throws me off. It has made me question my trust in people and I'm honestly quite torn at what to do; i read something quite recently on twitter about how people nowadays throw away friendships so quickly without even trying to fix them or talk things over and i hate how true it is - it's so easy now to just block people out and it's honestly made me question myself - do i put myself first because i was hurt and deserve better than that or do i accept that fact i miss my friend and at least try to fix things? So we shall see...

2017 | Reflection

If you've followed me for a while either on here or one of my other social media accounts - you'll know that I'm currently on Slimming World; i used to do monthly posts but I've now deleted all those. I started Slimming World back in May 2016 and I'm now 3 Stone 4.5lbs lighter (I'm writing this post a little earlier so there is a high possibility I'll have gained a little weight over Christmas - gimme all the food!) which is such an achievement for me, my journey has definitely been a lot slower than others but I'm okay with that, I'm going at my own pace and I'm still seeing results.

I actually set myself a target for the end of this year that i wanted to lose which i most definitely did not reach but I've still lost weight and I'm still heading in the right direction so I'm not going to punish myself for that. I'm noticing a lot of changes in myself - half of my clothes are miles too big and I'm dropping dress sizes and whilst I'm still not exactly where i want to be, i don't completely hate what i see in the mirror, which i think is such a big non scale victory. I've also joined a new gym so I'm aiming to work on my fitness along side the changes in my diet and I'm really hoping to see results from that.

2017 | Reflection

This Year I've also...
Crocheted a baby blanket, sang way too much on karaoke with friends, done a lot of pub quizzes, watched Evita, Rent, Grease, Ghost, Buddy Holly, Billy Elliot, The Wedding Singer, Sister Act and Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat at the theatre, re-watched Rookie Blue, The Tudors and started re-watching Gossip Girl, read 45 books - some i read within one day, wore a green lipstick for St Patrick's Day, watched Beauty & the Beast at the cinema, gave blood, had my girls sing and dedicate a song on karaoke to me for my birthday, watched 13 reasons why, stayed in Manchester overnight and watched Bruno Mars at the MEN, was reunited with Taco Bell, started and maintained a journal, tried Ed's Easy Diner, Wagamamas and Yo! Sushi for the first time, made an instagram account for Slimming World, went to West fest, got up on karaoke and sang alone (still proud of myself for this), had the worst food poisoning ever, watched the PLL finale - still not sure what i think about this, got my 3 stone award at Slimming World, got some epic PR parcels - Urban Decay to name a few, went to London, tried five guys and shake shack, shopped til i dropped, watched Les Mis on the West End, finally got my hands on Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, Niko had another big op, had a horrendous allergic reaction on my chin, dressed up as Bellatrix LeStrange for Halloween (got drunk and lost my wand), found the most beautiful dress that is still hanging in my wardrobe unworn, almost got poisoned by Carbon Monoxide and had many, many nights out.

Happy New Year
Natalie xx

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