My Favourite Things About Christmas

My Favourite Things About Christmas

I'm not a particular festive person, i don't love Christmas time but there are a few things that i do enjoy about this time of year. So when Christmas does stroll around, i like to focus on the things i do like about Christmas rather than the many reasons i don't.

1. Advent
This never used to interest me - in fact there was many years when i didn't bother with an advent calendar but then a few years ago, i randomly decided to get one and i appreciate that little daily chocolaty treat more now that I'm older than i ever did as a kid. Also, Advent has gotten even more exciting since myself and my sister started creating our own advent calendars for each other - it's exciting getting a little extra gift every other day in December and it just adds that little bit of exciting back into the build up of Christmas.

2. Christmas24
A channel filled with the most cheesiest Christmas movies 24 hours a day - what's not to love. I actually really like Christmas movies; they're so far fetched and nothing like how we do Christmas but they're just so cute and they make me feel all warm inside.

3. Festive Bedding
This was another thing that i never really cared for until a few years ago, it wasn't really a big thing but my festive bedding is my absolute favourite and i wish i could use it all year round - technically i could but I'm not that rebellious. I don't even know why i love my festive bedding so much but it's just cute and cosy.

4. The Atmosphere
Everyone just seems to be in a much nicer mood. Well almost everyone - i know there are a lot of people who do struggle at this time of year but the majority of people just seem to be in a nicer/happier mood and coming from someone who is quite a grumpy person, it's nice.

5. Giving Presents
I'd be a rotten liar if i said i didn't like getting presents because it pretty nice knowing people have thought about you and got you something but i absolutely love giving presents - not so much handing the money over but putting together a present for someone, especially if you know it's something they really wanted, it honestly makes me so happy. I love knowing I've made my friends or my family smile

6. Vlogmas
I hate admitting this but i like watching people's Vlogmas videos - I just like seeing how other people prepare and do Christmas because everyone's is always so different. This year I'm following so many different youtubers to what i was last year so there's so much content to constantly catch up on which is sometimes a struggle but there such a guilty pleasure.

7. Home Alone/ The Holiday
I know I've already mentioned Christmas 24 but Home Alone and the Holiday and my all time favourite Christmas Movies - i watch them all year round regardless but there's just something about watching these two movies at Christmas time that feels extra festive and cosy.

8. Girl's Christmas Dinner
This is technically a new tradition but i hoping it's one that will continue for many years to come. Myself and my closest girls go out for a meal just before Christmas, we eat too much food, exchange presents (we don't open them though) and just generally have a wonderful evening. Even though we see each other regularly anyways, it's just a really nice evening.

9. Food
Linking in with number 8, I love food a lot hence why I'm on Slimming World for 90% of the year and i just love that it becomes socially acceptable to eat everything just because it's Christmas.

10. Christmas Eve
I actually like Christmas Eve more than the big day itself. As i work in retail i always work Christmas Eve - it's always super busy day, prepping for Boxing Day Dales, last minute shoppers (mostly men) and often drunk shoppers who went to the pub first before doing their Christmas Shopping but everyones always in a chipper mood. Then i always go out on Christmas Eve night - i don't get wasted as i could not be dealing with a hangover the next day but i love going out for a few drinks, having a dance and bringing in Christmas with my friends. It's always a really nice night; everyones always in a lovely mood, they're merry and there's always Christmas music playing and it's so laid back too, it's not a full on glam type of night out and it's honestly one of my favourite nights out of the year.

Different things mean different things to different people and these are the things that make Christmas for me.
What are your favourite things about Christmas?
Natalie xx

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