Three Picks | Nars

Three Picks | Nars

Nars is a luxury make up brand and whilst it offers a wide range of beautiful good quality products, the price tag often reflects that. I've not tried everything from their range but i have tried a few items and i always read as many reviews as possible before investing in their products so, so far I've not been disappointed. Here are my top three picks from Nars, that i think are well worth looking into if you're considering purchasing something from Nars.

Three Picks | Nars

Nars Blush in Sin
When you think of Nars Blush; Orgasm is usually the shade that springs to mind first, as it's one of their bestsellers and most popular blushes but personally, i think Sin is rather underrated. It's quite an unusual shade; it's a purple/pink toned blush with a subtle shimmer running through it - It's almost a mauve shade. It's one of my favourites to wear during the Autumn/Winter time as it gives your cheeks that 'just been out in the cold' flush and the shimmer gives the cheeks a nice healthy glow. A light hand is essential with this blush as it is pigmented and it can end up looking a little muddy but it's honestly such a beautiful blush and one of my all time favourites to use.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc
I pined for this for the longest time, it's one of the most well known and hyped up foundations in the beauty world but due to it's hefty price tag, i was always a little hesitant to buy it. I finally caved and treated myself a few months ago and it's honestly one of the best foundations i have ever used. It has a medium coverage but it feels nice and light on the skin, this particular shade matches me perfectly and it just gives me the most smooth, flawless looking base - the first time i used this, i genuinely stared at my face for a while in the mirror because i couldn't quite get over how good it looked. I like to save this foundation more for nights out and special occasions as it's quite expensive and i don't wanna use it all up too fast but i think this has potential 'holy grail' status for me - it's incredible.

Nars Laguna Bronzer
I've really gotten into bronzer this past year; i have quite fair skin so i don't like anything too heavy or muddy looking especially because i can get a bit carried away when i applying it. Laguna has been my go to bronzer; It's a brown toned bronzer with a very subtle shimmer (it's barely noticeable when you apply it) and it's perfect for giving you that natural sun kissed look. I find that Laguna isn't heavily pigmented but you can build it quite easily, it makes it so easy to achieve that natural 'i've been sat in the sun' bronze glow - it's absolutely beautiful.

I have no doubt that there are many other treasure I'm yet to discover from Nars but at the moment these are my top three picks, and the items I'd personally recommend looking into if you're planning to treat yourself to something from Nars.

What's your favourite Nars Product?
Natalie xx

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