4 Beauty Products I Like But Won't Repurchase

4 Beauty Products I Like But Won't Repurchase

Like most beauty bloggers, i try a lot of different beauty products and whilst it always nice to discover a new gem to add my collection. Every now and again, we come across some products that just aren't quite what we expected. Now this isn't me throwing shade over a bunch of products in any way shape or form, these are simply products that i like but not enough to repurchase them.

4 Beauty Products I Like But Won't Repurchase

The Ordinary Foundations - Serum & Coverage
There is a lot of hype surrounding The Ordinary Foundations - they super affordable, a massive range of shades and really good quality. The Serum Foundation is the lighter formula of the two but still offers a medium coverage - everyone seems to love this foundation but it just doesn't seem to sit right on my skin. I don't know if maybe i need a different shade but i just don't get the obsession that everyone else is seeing with this foundation. The Coverage Foundation is as the name suggests a full coverage formula and i do get along better with this one compared to the serum foundation but i don't love it, i don't find myself reaching for it everyday and whilst the price point is very appealing, i personally would rather spend an extra couple of pounds and get a high street foundation that i do love to use.

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara
I tried this ages ago when it was free with a magazine and i didn't love it then but that was quite some time ago and since then they've changed the packaging so when i got it in Spa of Wonder set i decided to give it another try. It's better than i remember but it still doesn't wow me - if you are someone who likes really simple, natural looking lashes then i do understand why you'd like this but for me, i want something with a bit more oomph.

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops in At First Light
I actually really like this highlighter - it's not as intense as i want it to be but it gives the skin the most beautiful glow (i prefer to use this underneath my foundation) but it's not the easiest to blend out - it's workable and i will continue to use this because i like the end result. However, i think next time I'd rather buy something that doesn't require so much work.

Kat Von D Lock It Concealer
I purposely bought this in a lighter shade to brighten up under my eyes and it works really well for that, in fact there is a lot about this concealer that i do like - it has a creamy formula, it covers my dark circles and brightens up under the eyes. My issue with this is that it has quite a thick consistency and i don't love how that feels under the eyes - I'm assuming it's because it's quite a high coverage concealer but I'd rather have a concealer that offers me coverage without feeling heavy.

Please remember that just because there are things about these products i don't like personally, doesn't mean you won't.
Is there any beauty products you like, but won't be repurchasing?
Natalie xx

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