Happy New Year | 2018 Goals & Resolutions

Happy New Year | 2018 Goals & Resolutions

Happy New Year! Is it just me or is the fact that the New Year is starting on Monday rather satisfying? I don't know why, it just really adds to the feeling of turning over a new leaf and a fresh start. Like every new year, my first post of 2018 is going to be the goals I'm setting myself for the year ahead.

Save Up
I'm not the greatest when it comes to money; i know my limits and i don't live above my means but my savings account isn't quite where I'd like it to be, so i really want to try and put money aside throughout this year and build it up. I'm not saving for anything in particular i just want a little something put aside should i need it for a rainy day. In conjunction with this, i want to stop buying things i just don't need and be more wary of what I'm spending my money on.

I set a reading goal every year and this year is no different; i absolutely smashed my Goodreads challenge last year, i aimed for 20 and ended increasing my challenge to 40 and even then i finished on 45 books so i really want another great reading year. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to set my target at just yet but i hope to complete that and i really want to read all the books in my tbr box too.

Improve my Sleeping Pattern
My sleeping pattern has been absolutely horrendous this year - I'm convinced that i have some form of insomnia because there has been too many nights when I've really struggled to get sleep and ended up staring at the ceiling til daft o'clock in the morning so i want to try and improve my sleeping pattern somehow. Ideally, i need to switch off earlier so avoiding my phone and laptop and hopefully, try and incorporate more early nights into my routine.

New Job?
I actually really like my current job which is why there is a question mark next to this goal but i have a pretty crappy contract, so when there is no overtime which has been a big issue this year - money can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. I've managed to get by this year but realistically, i just can't live on my basic contract so i either need to find a second job or a new one with a lot more hours.

Project Pan
I have so much make up but i really need to stop buying more products and use more of what i already have, so this is something i really want to work on this year. I want to have a bit of a declutter and utilise my collection more so I'm going to do a kind of project pan. I am going to do a separate post on this at some point in the next few weeks, which will explain my idea and the guidelines around it better.

Happy New Year | 2018 Goals & Resolutions

Slimming World
Continue Losing Weight
I'm not quite sure how much just yet but i want to continue to lose weight throughout 2018, i still feel like i have a long way to go but I'm going to carry on what I've been doing and going at my own pace.

Improve my Water Intake
I'm terrible at drinking water - i do drink a lot of tea but i want to try and increase the amount of water I'm drinking especially because that will also make a big difference with the weightloss too.

Incorporate Exercise
I'm lazy and I'm not a massive fan of exercise but since losing weight, i really need to tone up in a lot of areas so i want to really try and work on my fitness this year. I've joined a gym again but this time I'm going to go a my own pace and find a routine that works for me so that i don't get bored easily. There's also classes at the one I've joined which i think will make a massive difference because i like doing exercise classes more because i feel like i get a proper work out more so than when I'm left to my own devices.

Wear a bodycon dress & feel good
This is slightly random but my stomach is an area that I'm quite insecure about and even though i have lost weight, it's still a bit podgy from where the loose skin is. Whenever i wear dresses now, it's always ones that slightly flare out at the bottom or come in at the waist so that it skims over my hips and tummy and whilst i do love wearing those dresses, i feel like I'm limited for options because a lot of dresses are more skin tight so I'm hoping that i can work hard enough at the gym to reduce the podge and tone up and that by the end of next year i can wear a slimming body con style dress and actually feel good in it.

& Everything Else
1. Get my new tattoo
2. Get a new piercing
3. Get my hair cut and stop putting it off.
4. Start driving lessons(?)
5. Get back into sewing.

What are your goals for 2018?
Natalie xx

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