Monthy Musings | January

Reading: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
Watching: Gossip Girl (currently on Season 6)
Eating: As i write this nothing but I'm dreaming of chocolate.
Listening To: Holding the Other by Lauren Alaina
Drinking: Tea, lots of it
Thinking About: Too much.

I always want to inject more lifestyle into my posts but my life just isn't all that exciting and i don't always have all these many adventures to post about. So I've decided to try a new way of doing it by starting a new series where i reflect on the month if you will and basically just talk about anything that's going on or is just on my mind - i don't know exactly how it's going to go but this a way of me to sharing my thoughts, my life and anything else that doesn't quite fit into my usual posts.

I had a really quiet New Year this year; my intention was to go out with my friends but no plans where set in stone and then they got changed and when it came down to it, i just couldn't be bothered - it was cold, rainy and i was full of a cold so me and my bestie has a night in, ordered food and watched loads of films and i actually really enjoyed myself. We had such a laugh and I'm so glad we decided to stay in!

January itself has been a pretty uneventful month for me; like many i have felt the pinch of Christmas and have been patiently waiting the arrival of payday so i didn't really make many plans so it's been fairly quiet. I decided to try and take advantage of January and my lack of plans to really kick start my weight loss.

I was actually super excited to get back on plan (i follow Slimming World, fyi) after the New Year because i just felt really lousy but I'm struggling to get my Christmas gain off which is really de-motivating me. My body has been all over the place these past few weeks and i don't know if it's because my body is getting used to the introduction of exercise or what but it's really frustrating because so far in the past three weeks; I've maintained, had a really great loss and then gained again even though I've stuck to plan really well. I have however been going to the gym and trying some exercise classes which I'm actually quite enjoying so far, I've gotten myself into a little routine of when i go and I'm trying to stick to the same days and so far I've found that's working. I've just treated myself to some new gym wear and trainers, and that really making me look forward to going - is that weird?

In an attempt to boost my weight loss; i also decided to take part in Dry January - I'm not a big drinker to begin with so it's not really that much of a challenge but i was curious to see if not drinking alcohol at all would impact my weight loss but obviously, I've not really seen any results from that. I've still been going out on a Thursday and not drinking hasn't really bothered my that much, I've just been having water and it's been fine - I'm not gonna lie though, I'm definitely looking forward to having a couple of Martini's next week when it's over.

Hope January's treating you well!
Natalie xx

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